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Marquette Women’s Basketball: Natisha Hiedeman Made ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10

It’s the second highlight reel appearance of 2017 for the junior guard.

Natisha Hiedeman

On Thursday night, Marquette women’s basketball survived 27 turnovers to beat St. John’s in overtime. Along the way, Natisha Hiedeman drained a triple with time running out in the first half thanks to a nasty and stylish pump fake that was so good, it caught the cameraman as well as the Red Storm defender.

That was good enough to land on ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10 for the day.

It’s the second such honor of 2017 for Hiedeman, who made the highlight reel back in March when she drained this looooong range shot in the Big East championship game.

Unfortunately for The World Wide Leader, it’s also the second time that ESPN botched how to pronounce the Green Bay native’s name. MEMO TO ANYONE TRYING TO TALK ABOUT MARQUETTE ATHLETICS: features pronunciation guides for any player with a slightly awkward looking name. Even better than that, on top of the written out phonetic guide, you can click and hear the player in question pronouncing their own name. It’s very cool and is the reason why I keep a supply of pencils around to snap in half every time someone completely screws up a Marquette athlete’s name.

Marquette returns to action on Saturday night when they host Seton Hall. You can check out our preview of that game right here.