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The Quick & The Dirty: Marquette 74, Georgetown 65

At one point this year, someone thought that team was the 22nd best team in the country

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I love to make fun of the cities that Marquette opponents play in, but I have nothing bad to say about D.C. It’s a beautiful city. I was there for the Fourth of July one summer when I had an internship about two and a half hours from there. The museums are worth the hype and oh lordy do they have some good food trucks. PRO TIP: do the monument tour at night. It’s way less crowded and much more beautiful. Anonymous Eagle, everyone’s favorite Marquette and travel blog. #DocumentYourTravel

Want to know a fun fact? This is the first time in history that a team had more turnovers committed than points scored. That’s not true, as the Hoyas finished with 25, but you kind of believed it for a second. That’s either an indication of Georgetown being extremely careless with the ball or that you are a slave to any sort of perceived authority just because they’re on the internet. We’ll go with the former for now.

Georgetown let the ball slip through their fingers the way the Washington Nationals, who have never won a playoff series, let Game 5 of the 2012 NLDS slip through their fingers.

“Wow, Ben. That was a great cross-sport reference you made. You used the loose connection of those two teams playing in the same city extremely well.”

Thanks guys. Look at this video.

That’s the only thing worth remembering from the first half. Watching it was not fun.

Has there ever been a Georgetown team that was actually fun to watch? I know Roy Hibbert and Otto Porter were really good players, but they’ve historically played at a snail’s pace without really anything exciting happening. I just remember always being bored watching them play, except for that one time Steph Curry consumed the souls of every single Georgetown player in the 2008 second round.

We’re many paragraphs in and I have said one thing about the actual game.

Andrew Rowsey is probably the MVP of the team right now. Emphasis on right now. Markus Howard is slumping right now, which happens. I’m not ready to worry about it at all. But Rowsey’s play lately has been a very pleasant surprise, unlike his wrist tattoo. I just noticed it a game or two ago. That surprise was not pleasant. Today, he went 6/9 from three (nice.) and 11/11 from the line. That’s really good. He also had a couple really effective doubles on Jessie Govan and Marcus Derrickson. Then he iced the game with a terrific floater.

*aide whispers in my ear*

“What do you mean, ‘Not exactly’?”

*aide whispers more*

Alright, I’m being told that the floater was a three. That’s ridiculous. Then he did a Jordan Shrug (see above) and pointed to his watch. How can a fan of an opposing team possibly like him?

Sacar Anim probably had the second best game. He’s turned into a weird X-Factor/Glue Guy hybrid. You think of an X-Factor as an exciting player that can have a high variability in his performance, while a glue guy does the little things, but shows up every day to do them. Anim can be inconsistent, but will do the little things very well when he does show up. I’m going to call him the Glue Factor of the team. He had 7 points, 5 assists, 8 rebounds and 2 steals in 32 minutes tonight plus a nasty injury scare that lasted all of about four minutes. He was a key defender that helped hold the Georgetown combo of Jamorko Pickett and Jagan Mosely to 6/14 from the floor.

Speaking of defense, Matt Heldt was excellent today. He has really held his own against a lot of the tough bigs he has faced. Jessie Govan is by far Georgetown’s best player and he was held to 3/9 from the floor. The Milkman certainly delivered.

Ike Eke did not play tonight. He did, however, have a very nice suit.

Jamal Cain hit two threes again. He also had a real purrty drive and left handed layup. He could likely become a starter by the end of the month if he keeps this up.

Georgetown hit 50% of their twos. That was also well below their season average. Yes, I know they’ve played literally the worst schedule so far, but they do have a real strength in their big men, and their two main bigs of Govan and Derrickson combined to hit less than 50% of their shots down low. Even though that 50% number is still questionable for a Marquette team looking to be merely decent in that category, they forced turnovers on almost a third of the Hoyas’ possessions, which is just psychotic even though Georgetown coughs it up 21.7% of the time. I do think Marquette’s defense has been most effective when they are more aggressive. I know fouls are a real issue (Markus Howard, please pick up the white courtesy phone), but I think they could benefit from trying to get into more passing lanes and taking away a few extra possessions.

Today was about as dependent as Marquette has been from beyond the arc. They were 13/26 from three and NiNe Of ThIrTy OnE from two. They didn’t make a single one in the second half. Ohfer-eleven. Still outscored the Hoyas by two. I find that funny more than anything.

How about some highlights, courtesy of and FS1? The insane sequence that leads to the floater and the shrug starts at the 2:26 mark.

Up Next: Marquette plays Providence next at the Dunkin’ Donuts Skating Rink/Basketball Court on Wednesday. I can say with 100% certainty that I want the Golden Eagles to win that game.