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The Inquisition: On All Things Georgetown With Casual Hoya

You know you were waiting for this.

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We’re now under two hours from tip-off against the Hoyas at Verizon Center, but you know you needed yourself some Inquisition action with the folks over at Casual Hoya, our SB Nation sister site that focuses on all things Georgetown and/or lunch documentation.

You can spin on over to their site to catch our answers to their questions about Marquette, of course. Onwards we go to our questions about GU and other things, with answers provided by the myth and the legend known only as Roey Hadar.

Hey, it's you guys again. What's up with the Hoyas in Big East games this season? It seemed like they were bad, and then they beat Creighton and Butler, and now they've lost two in a row again.

This year's Hoyas team, as with the last few, tends to play up or down to the level of its opponent. It leads to several big wins, but it also leads to quite a few clunkers. Interestingly, on the little three-game winning streak that they had a couple of weeks ago, they played with a lot more effort and energy, something that was missing from most of the games in Big East play prior to that point. It also doesn't hurt when Rodney Pryor and L.J. Peak get some help. The two have had to carry the offensive load for the Hoyas for most of the season, but big man Jessie Govan stepped up and scored at least 14 points in each of the Hoyas' last three wins.

There seems to be a groundswell of thought that there are seven, maybe eight Big East teams alive for the NCAA tournament right now, and that would seem to include Georgetown. Do you see a path to the Big Dance for the Hoyas, or is that just people trying to be provocative?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that there's a small chance. There have been only two seasons since the tournament expanded in which teams with 14 losses have made it into the tournament with an at-large bid. The Hoyas have 12 this season. That makes Saturday (and pretty much every game afterward) a must-win. The Hoyas could potentially survive with a loss to Villanova or a loss at Creighton, but could not afford both. Otherwise, the only path to a dance is a Big East Tournament win. I'm not a betting man, but I'd bet my house on that not happening.

What's your current go-to TV show to binge watch? I've recently gotten hooked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, thanks to a new Hulu subscription.

As a current student with a full class schedule and no cable subscription it's been kind of hard to outright binge anything lately. I've watched several episodes of the new season of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," however, and still love that show. I also have made a point to watch "The Grand Tour" on Amazon, since I used to really enjoy Top Gear and figured I'd find a way to use my family's Amazon Prime account for something other than shipping textbooks.

I still haven't seen "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" yet, but considering that I'm a sucker for comedy, I should probably binge that next (although the politics nerds at Georgetown will probably force me to finally watch "The West Wing" before I graduate.)

Has there been any more information and/or interesting stories coming out of the bus crash on Georgetown's trip to Villanova earlier in the week? Is Tre Campbell going to be available on Saturday after his bruised knee?

To describe Georgetown as tight-lipped about news within its program is an understatement on par with describing the weather in Milwaukee in February as "somewhat cool." Georgetown does not tell the media very much and we were in the dark about how long Campbell would be out. Fortunately, our heroic reporter Ben Standig discovered today in a media avail with JT3 that Campbell could miss another week. Campbell has struggled mightily this season, so his injury has not had too much of an adverse impact on the team.

How excited are y'all about how Otto Porter is doing for the Wizards this season? Is Georgetown making a big deal out of how the Wizards are playing since the two teams share a home arena? Do you see Washington making a push to re-sign him after not giving him the fourth year extension earlier this season?

I personally am very excited to see Otto make the leap to star level. Georgetown doesn't mention the Wizards at all at its games, but is always happy to give Otto a bit of screen time on the Jumbotron if he comes back to watch a Hoyas game from the stands. Washington's an organization in a weird place right now, so I have no idea what to make of their offseason plans. I'd hope they know how valuable a 23 year-old who can score from anywhere on the floor really is, but I don't think anyone would underestimate the ineptitude of the Wizards organization. As a Knicks fan, normally I'd hope they sign Porter, but right now I wouldn't wish joining the Knicks on my worst enemy.

Rodney Pryor is clearly the number one scorer on the Georgetown roster and will be a handful for Marquette to defend especially on three-pointers. Who else needs to have a big game against the Golden Eagles in order for Georgetown to win?

At least one other person. The likeliest option is L.J. Peak, because when both Pryor and Peak are shooting well from the field, the Hoyas tend to at least make it close. He's averaging 16.4 points per game and can sometimes take over a game himself and create his own offense by driving to the hoop and making acrobatic layups or earning free throws. That made the difference vs. DePaul.

Jessie Govan is another candidate to help the cause. Since he scored 11 points in the loss to Marquette, his play has served as a bellwether. In every loss since then, he's scored eight points or fewer. In every win since then, he's scored 14 points or more. His skills don't always shine through, but when he's not afraid to rub elbows in the paint and score from up close, he can make a difference. By the way, he can also shoot 3's if his defender lags off him and gives him room. He's a career 49% shooter from behind the arc, although he averages less than one attempt per game.

Are you encouraged or discouraged by the ongoing proliferation of flavors of Lay's potato chips? Do you have a favorite? I like the Biscuits and Gravy chips quite a bit, almost to the point where my cardiologist is considering a restraining order.

Honestly I'm encouraged. There have been times where I've been compelled to buy a flavor simply out of curiosity. I once bought the cheddar bacon mac n' cheese and the cheesy garlic bread flavor and actually enjoyed them. (As you can tell by my choices, I like cheese a lot, which would probably make me feel at home if I ever moved to Wisconsin.)

Some of the flavors seem appetizing, whereas others (cappuccino, for instance), make me want to vomit on sight. I tend to have a preference for the oven-baked Lay's, with barbecue being my favorite flavor.

Who you got winning this shindig, and don't lie and say the Hoyas.

The Hoyas need this one, so gimme Georgetown 68-65 on a buzzer beater.