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Marquette Women’s Basketball Stays Steady In ESPN’s Bracketology

Hey, come on, beat a 5 seed and you can’t bump up a bit??

Marquette women's basketball

Marquette women’s basketball beat Butler & Xavier two weeks ago and moved up a seed line in Charlie Creme’s bracketology for ESPN.

This past week, Marquette beat #17 ranked DePaul, and did it pretty easily, too. The Blue Demons are a five seed in Creme’s newest outlook, while Marquette stays stationary as a #8 seed seed.

Two wins over a #5 projected team and they can’t scoot up to a seven? Man, this is some kind of serious shenanigans.

Creme has Marquette slotted into an 8/9 game against Tulane coming out of the American Athletic Conference. The game would take place in Waco, and, as is the case for women’s basketball, the winner would advance to take on #1 seeded Baylor, or, if there were to be a miracle, #16 Grambling State.

There are three Big East teams in Creme’s bracket, and we already talked about DePaul and Marquette. Creighton is also in the field as a 7 seed. Georgetown is poking their head into the “Next Four Out” category, and considering they’re just 9-7 in league play, that’s kind of mind boggling. That’s what an RPI of 58 will get you, I suppose, but then again, Villanova is at 55.

There are three non-conference Marquette opponents in the field of 64. Oregon State is the best of the bunch, getting a two seed. Arizona State has been on a bit of a downturn, but they’re sitting with a #8 seed for the time being. Green Bay, the only one of the three that Marquette lost to this season, is the second to last team in the field, holding on tightly to a #10 seed.

You can check out Creme’s full bracket right here, and be sure to check out this Marquette Wire interview with him about the outlook for the Golden Eagles.

The team will be back in action on Friday night when they host - hey, look at that - Georgetown in the second to last regular season game of the season.