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Marquette Women’s Basketball Moves Up In ESPN’s Newest Bracketology

I would have been happy with staying steady after Sunday’s loss to St. John’s.

Marquette women’s basketball
I’m using a picture of Meghan Mandel because I can.

After a slight delay thanks to the NCAA doing another dippy Top 16 Seeds Revealed special, ESPN’s Charlie Creme published a brand new women’s basketball edition of bracketology on Tuesday.

The good news is that Marquette managed to move up to a #9 seed this week after dipping to a 10 seed and sitting just three spots away from the cutline last week. I’m just now realizing how top heavy women’s basketball is, at least this year, as everything in this edition of Creme’s bracket from one of the 10 seeds down is nothing but automatic bids.

Marquette is paired up in the first round with Oregon, which would present the Golden Eagles a chance to go 2-0 against the Pac 12 schools from The Beaver State. The game would be played in Waco, Texas, and the winner would advance to a second round game against the winner of #1 Baylor vs #16 Texas Southern.

There are three Big East teams in this bracket. Joining Marquette is DePaul, coming in as the #4 seed in the Stockton region, and Creighton, earning a #8 seed and a chance to end up as Connecticut’s second round victim. St. John’s earned a win over Marquette on Sunday, and they vaulted themselves into the “Next Four Out” department with the victory.

In other Marquette opponent news, Oregon State is the #2 seed in the Oklahoma region, which is the same region that Marquette is slotted into, while Arizona State slides down to a #7 seed in the Lexington region. Green Bay is in the Last Four In category, showing up as a #10 seed in the Stockton region. The Phoenix are in as an at-large team right now, because they’ve lost their last two games and they’re not currently in first place in the Horizon League.

You can check out Creme’s full bracket right here.

Marquette returns to action on Friday, when they visit Butler. The Golden Eagles have just five regular season games remaining in order to bolster their postseason profile.