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Let’s Check The AE NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge Leaderboard!

Four days of games and two rounds in, let’s see who did the best so far.

Butler v Marquette Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Two rounds of the 2017 NCAA tournament are in the books, so you know what that means!

It’s time to check the Anonymous Eagle Bracket Challenge leaderboard and see who did the best at picking games so far!

AE Bracket Challenge Leaderboard Thru 2 Rounds

Owner Bracket Total Points Possible Points Champion
Owner Bracket Total Points Possible Points Champion
Nate My Wonderful Bracket 48 112 Duke
David Patrick Hazel's ATM Fees 48 140 Kansas
Brendan Brendan's Top-Notch Bracket 47 111 Villanova
Brent It's a bracket 47 87 Villanova
John Where's UConn 47 143 Kansas
Kerry My Champion Bracket 46 106 Villanova
Michael Michael's Legit Bracket 46 98 Villanova
Pat Pat's Awe-Inspiring Bracket 46 146 North Carolina
Abby Abby's Amazing Bracket 46 110 Villanova
Mark Dank Bracketology 46 138 North Carolina
clnstirewalt My Pleasant Bracket 46 142 North Carolina
Ryan Seeds No Matta 46 114 Kentucky

Congrats to those 12 peeps for doing the best in the opening rounds. However, a good early start does not mean that you have the leg up on the competition the rest of the way.

In a tie for 19th place is Griff Gross and his bracket “Comite Is Dum,” where he has 152 possible points. Down in a tie for 23rd place is Greg and his “Crazyque Game-Changing Bracket” with Kansas winning it all and 151 possible points. Out in 29th place is John and his Top-Notch Bracket, hoping to cash in his 150 possible points with Arizona winning it all. Keith’s bracket “Peaked in 1992” might just be the dark horse to win it all, even though he’s in 29th place right now. Keith has Gonzaga winning it all and has 154 possible points.

There’s a lot of possible scores in the 130s and 140s out there, too, so we could get a lot of movement in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 next weekend. Good luck, everyone!