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Let’s Check The Post-Elite Eight AE Bracket Challenge Leaderboard!

Even with four rounds played, things are still pretty wide open.

NCAA Basketball: Fresno State at Marquette Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The Elite Eight is done and in the books! Congratulations to Gonzaga, North Carolina, Oregon, and South Carolina on their spots in the Final Four.

But you don’t really care about that, do you? You want to know who is winning the Anonymous Eagle Bracket Challenge right now, don’t you? Here’s the post-Elite Eight leaderboard.

AE Bracket Challenge Leaderboard Through 4 Rounds

Owner Bracket Points Possible Points Champion
Owner Bracket Points Possible Points Champion
Brendan Brendan's Top-Notch Bracket 75 75 Villanova
John My Top-Notch Bracket 74 90 Arizona
Abby Abby's Amazing Bracket 73 74 Villanova
CarsenP Marquette by 46* 71 71 Duke
Kerry My Champion Bracket 70 86 Villanova
clnstirewalt My Pleasant Bracket 70 118 North Carolina
Kevin Turrible Bracket 69 117 Gonzaga
Dan Markus Howard is 18 69 69 Louisville
Darren D 'Money' Reinhardt 69 69 Marquette
JamesB Check my Balls 68 116 Gonzaga

That’s the top 10 right now, but much like last week, it doesn’t give the full picture of who might win.

In 11th place is Monty with the bracket titled “Jesuit Warrior.” Monty has a title game of Gonzaga vs North Carolina, with the Tar Heels coming out on top, which would give him 131 points. Sadly for Chris in 18th place with “The Ultimate Warrior Bracket,” he has the exact same title game and champion, but only 127 possible points now. There’s a few more people with possible point totals in the 110s and 100s, but they all have the same champions as someone with a bigger possible total, so it seems unlikely that they’ll pull off the come from behind win at this point.

Good luck to everyone next weekend!