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What Should Marquette Basketball Do About Their Uniforms?

It’s not a major question, but you have to admit there’s a bit of curiosity about it.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Seton Hall vs Marquette Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

As you’re probably aware at this point, Marquette Golden Eagles men’s basketball changed up their uniforms for the 2016-17 season.

The jerseys and shorts that you saw the Golden Eagles wear this uniform were specifically designed to celebrate the 100th season of Marquette basketball. There’s various features and details in the uniforms to honor various uniforms that Marquette has worn during the previous century.

I liked the uniforms from the get-go. A lot of people liked the uniforms from the get-go. A lot of people haaaaaated the uniforms from the get-go. Check out a majority of the 76 comments on the official Facebook photo album if you don’t believe me about that. I still say that the people complaining about “THEY LOOK LIKE OLD-TIMEY TRACK UNIFORMS!” were unintentionally hilarious, but that’s a different issue.

The point here, though, is that those uniforms were created for the 100th season of competition, and that season is now completed.

There’s nothing stopping Marquette from continuing to wear those uniforms, of course. However, if the idea was to only wear them to celebrate the 100th season of hoops, then it would stand to reason that we’re going to see a change when next November rolls around.

If - and let’s be clear, we’re just spitballing here - If Marquette elects to change the uniforms again for next season, then there are two options as I see it. Option #1 is returning to the uniforms that they had while Buzz Williams was the head coach.

NCAA Basketball Tournament -  Marquette v BYU Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

You’re not going to hear me complain if MU returns to this gear, no matter how many of you claim to remember my grievances when they made their debut in Tom Crean’s final season in Milwaukee. These kits are now somewhat intertwined with the best run of Marquette hoops since the 1970s, so it would make sense to return to them after only one year away.

Option #2 is moving on to something completely new for a second straight season.

Now, it probably won’t be completely new. If you’ve been watching enough of the NCAA tournament, you have probably noticed that most of the Nike teams - Kentucky, North Carolina, and Michigan come to mind for me - are wearing uniforms that resemble Marquette’s centennial unis in terms of fit and cut. If the pattern and design of Marquette’s uniforms change for 2017-18, odds are that the fit (which was customized for each player on the MU roster this past season) and the cut will remain the same because that’s just what Nike is making for college hoops teams right now.

It might be a while before we know for sure what Marquette will do for next season, so all we can do right now is guess and debate.

Oh, and vote in this poll, of course.


What should Marquette do about their basketball uniforms?

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    Stick with the centennial celebration unis
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  • 33%
    Go back to the Buzz Williams era unis
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  • 41%
    Brand new unis to keep everyone on their toes
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