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Marquette Women’s Lacrosse Gets Smoked By #9 Colorado

This was not a fun time.

Julianna Shearer
Julianna Shearer had two of Marquette’s six goals against #9 Colorado.

Things were over before they even really started for Marquette women’s lacrosse on Sunday afternoon as the #9 ranked Colorado Buffaloes blew out to a 7-0 lead on their way to a 20-6 defeat of the Golden Eagles out in Boulder, CO. Marquette falls to 2-4 on the season with the loss, while Colorado extends their season opening winning streak to six games.

It’s not a surprising result for the Golden Eagles. Conference mate Denver squared off with the Buffs on Friday and got their doors blown off as well, and the Pios were ranked #14 in the country at the time. Marquette didn’t even get a shot off until they were already losing 4-0. The Golden Eagles matched the Buffaloes with turnovers, though, committing four giveaways before getting off their first shot of the game. That’s how that one went.

I don’t have much else to say about this game. It was 7-0, 9-1, 12-3 (which was the halftime score), and 14-4 to activate the running clock for the first time. Grace Gabriel scored her second goal of the game to shut the clock off for a moment, but the Buffs got the next four goals to send the game to a quick end.

Marquette got multi-goal games from Gabriel, Julianna Shearer, and Allison Lane, with all three women scoring twice, and Gabriel tacked on an assist to lead the way in points. Cali Castagnola and Johanna Fusco both ripped in four goals for CU, and they got three more each from Darby Kiernan and Katie Macleay. That’s a lot of goals from just four women.

Marquette got outshot, 36-19. Marquette got outworked on ground balls, 17-11. Marquette got outdrawn, 15-13. Just a bad time all around.

Up Next: Things are not getting better and/or easier for the Golden Eagles. They’ll walk right back out into a game against a ranked team when they face Northwestern on Saturday afternoon. The Wildcats are ranked #17 in the country right now, but they’re only 2-4 on the season with four straight losses. Of course, three of the losses were to teams ranked in the top 10 while the fourth was to the Colorado team that just danced up and down on Marquette’s head for 60 minutes.