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You Have One Week Left To Vote For The Marquette Alumni In The Basketball Tournament

June 1st at noon is the deadline, although the Golden Eagles are looking pretty solid right now.

Darius Johnson-Odom
Darius Johnson-Odom is back for another round in 2017.

If you were looking forward to another summer of former Marquette players doing damage in The Basketball Tournament, you’re probably in luck.

With one week left to go before the June 1st deadline, the team of MU alumni have the second most votes in the Midwest Region, and the most votes in the region amongst the eligible teams.

“Wait, how can ineligible teams be getting votes?” you ask.

Well, they’re not disqualified from TBT, they just don’t currently have the number of players committed to play necessary to put the team into the field. Each team needs at least seven players and right now, four of the top nine vote getters in the Midwest aren’t meeting that minimum.

Here’s the overall voting top nine.

2017 TBT Midwest Region

Team Votes Players
Team Votes Players
Hilton Magic Legends (Iowa State) 1,361 5
Golden Eagles (Marquette) 1,045 9
Jackson TN Underdawgs 860 12
Scarlet & Gray (Ohio State) 805 8
The Region 783 5
Fort Wayne Champs 754 9
Purple And Black (Kansas State 706 5
Banner Boys (UW-Milwaukee) 696 11
HBC 681 6

I’m starting to get the impression that the Iowa State team is not going to round up two more guys to play over the next week. They’ve been in first place overall for a while now and they just keep on not being eligible to play. The Region and the Kansas State team have been in The Tournament in the past, but they’re still two guys short of a spot in the field, just like Hilton Magic Legends.

Here’s the top nine of the eligible teams.

2017 TBT Midwest Region Eligible Teams

Team Votes
Team Votes
Golden Eagles 1,045
Jackson TN Underdawgs 860
Scarlet & Gray (Ohio State) 805
Fort Wayne Champs 754
Banner Boys (UW-Milwaukee) 696
Mid American Unity 630
Team Ohio 578
Canton Bulldogs 558
Midwest Dream Squad 485

As you can see, regardless of how this shakes out over the next seven days, the Golden Eagles alumni team has a huge lead on the ninth and final team. However, there was a metric ton of voting in the final week last year, so if you haven’t voted yet, you need to cast your vote for MU right now.

Click here to go to the GEA team page and cast your vote to make sure that the team maintains their voting advantage. If you’ve already cast your vote, go round up some other people to vote for Marquette’s team so you can cash in up to $20,000 when they win the $2 million grand prize.