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The Basketball Tournament 2017 Jamboree Semifinals Viewing Guide: How To Watch, Time, Schedule, And Streaming

It’s basketball with a newfangled ending and it’s on WatchESPN. You know you wanna watch it.

PA: Philadelphia Premiere of Rocky Balboa - Afterparty
The Jamboree is in Philly and the teams are wearing Rocky inspired uniforms. Of course we’re using a picture of the Rocky statue.
Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images for MGM

2017 The Basketball Tournament Jamboree Semifinals

Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017
Time: 8am til 9pm Central
Where: Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, PA
Streaming: WatchESPN
Twitter Updates: @thetournament


The Basketball Tournament will settle the final four teams in the 2017 field on Saturday and Sunday. We get over 12 hours of hoops on Saturday as each of the four regions will play their semifinal Jamboree games. It should actually be more, but TBT was unable to get a fourth team to play in the West Region. I can’t say I fault anyone for not wanting to pay $5,000 to travel to Philadelphia to try to win two games and then have to travel to Las Vegas in mid-July if they win the spot in the 64 team field.


All of the games in the Jamboree will be contested with the Elam Ending. At the first stoppage with less than four minutes left, the game clock will be turned off. The officials will take the leading team’s score at the time and add seven points to it to create the Target Score. First team to the Target Score wins, which means the game has to end on a made basket.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m looking forward to seeing the Elam Ending in action, not just in theory.

Here’s the schedule of games for Saturday. The winners will advance to play their regional countepart in Sunday’s finals, with the exception of the West winner. They’ll play Primetime NYC, the West team lucky enough to dodge a semifinal game. Remember, Golden Eagles will play in the Midwest region and could end up facing the Jamboree winner along the way.

All times Central

8am - Las Vegas Chess Center vs Broad Street Brawlers (West)

9:45am - Peoria All Stars vs Philly Dimes (Midwest)

11:30am - Reach 1 Teach 1 vs Gotham Golden Knights (Midwest)

1:15pm - The Citi Team vs Charlotte Elite (South)

3pm - Brothers Dat Ball vs ATL “Hoops4Hunger” (South)

4:45pm - uKnighted vs Silver Spring’s Willow Runners (Northeast)

6:30pm - Champions vs Stars & Stripes (Northeast)