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The Basketball Tournament 2017 Jamboree Finals Viewing Guide: How To Watch, Time, Schedule, And Streaming

Four games, four spots in TBT on the line!

Constitution Hall
Look, kids, Constitution Hall in Philadelphia

The Basketball Tournament 2017 Jamboree Finals

Date: Sunday, June 18, 2017

Time: 10am thru 6pm Central Time

Where: Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, PA

Streaming: WatchESPN

Twitter Updates: @thetournament

How did you enjoy the first day of the Jamboree? I think the Elam Ending had a quality debut in its first seven games. We saw a team intentionally take a timeout to force the untimed Target Score session, and another team intentionally take a backcourt violation when the clock stopped at exactly 4 minutes remaining. After all, the Elam Ending starts on the first stoppage AFTER the 4 minute mark.

We got the first ever Elam Ending comeback victory in the fifth game of the day, as Josh Selby’s fade-away capped off Brothers Dat Ball’s rally. BDB trailed 69-65 when the clock turned off, but they came away with the 76-75 win to advance to the South region final.

The sixth game of the day came close to topping that rally. uKnighted, a team of Rutgers alumni, was down 67-54 when the clock was turned off. Thanks to the lack of game clock, they got stop after stop against Silver Spring’s Willow Runners and took off on a 14-0 run to take a 68-67 lead and then a 71-70 lead with a Target Score of 74. Rutgers gonna Rutgers, though, and SSWR got the last four points of the game and a spot in Sunday’s Northeast final.

Here’s your schedule for Sunday’s finals. Be sure to keep an eye on the Midwest final which is the first one up, as there’s a chance that Golden Eagles, the team of Marquette alumni, might end up facing the Jamboree champ.

All times Central.

10am: Peoria All Stars vs Reach 1 Teach 1 (Midwest)

11:45am: Primetime NYC vs Broad Street Brawlers (West)

1:30pm: The Citi Team vs Brothers Dat Ball (South)

3:45pm: Silver Spring’s Willow Runners vs Champions (Northeast)