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ESPN Releases Basketball Class Of 2020 Top 25

The Marquette coaching staff is not fooling around when it comes to an early start on these guys.

Butler v Marquette Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The brand new ESPN rankings charts just keep flowing, and this time, the Worldwide Leader let us know who they have as the 25 best players in the high school Class of 2020. That’s the players that just finished their freshman years of high school, for the record.

Isaiah Todd, a power forward from Richmond, Virginia, is the #1 player in the class. The first 23 guys in the rankings were given five-star ratings by the ESPN braintrust, while the final two guys in the top 25 are the two best four-star guys in the country.

The Marquette coaching staff has already gotten involved with three of the 25 best players in the 202 class, offering scholarships to all three of them. MU is involved right at the top of the list, offering a spot to #3 ranked Jalen Suggs, a 6’3” shooting guard from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Also drawing Marquette’s attention is Jalen Johnson (#12), a 6’5” shooting guard from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and Nico Mannion (#19), a 6’2” point guard from Phoenix, Arizona.

Based merely on his proximity to Milwaukee, I would imagine that Jalen Johnson is the priority for Marquette at this point, but let’s be clear: getting any of these three on campus would be quote the impressive accomplishment for Steve Wojciechowski and his staff.

None of these guys can sign a letter of intent until November of 2019, so we’ve got a long time for things to take twists and turns between now and then. Here’s what Marquette’s scholarship picture looks like right now.

(h/t @brewcity77)