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The Basketball Tournament 2017 Quarterfinals: Golden Eagles Get Bounced By Scarlet & Gray

The $2 million dream collapses in the fourth round for the former Marquette players.

Marquette men’s basketball

Dreams of The Basketball Tournament’s $2 million prize evaporated in the quarterfinals for the second straight year as Golden Eagles, the team of Marquette alumni, lost to Scarlet & Gray, 81-56, on Sunday afternoon. it was the first game of the entire Midwest region to end up as an upset, with the #2 seeded Ohio State alumni knocking off the #1 seeded Marquette guys.

It was a bad and ugly game for both teams in the first half, but Scarlet & Gray took control with a 10-2 run before the break and then tacked on an 18-7 run to start things off after intermission. That had the Buckeyes up 16, and Golden Eagles never challenged again.

Things are moving a little slowly in Brooklyn, as TBT has yet to post a box score online, so we can’t provide you with stats from the game. However, there is a highlight video already up, so enjoy what you can from that. Things got pretty ugly towards the end for the Marquette guys, so expect a lot of Ohio State here.