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That’s What They Said: Joey Hauser Commits To Marquette

And now, a sampling of commentary from around the internet.

Southern v Marquette Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

On Sunday evening, Class of 2018 top 50 prospect and top player in the state of Wisconsin Joey Hauser announced his commitment to Marquette.

With that news on the forefront of everyone’s minds, let’s take a spin through the internet and see what people have to say about Hauser’s commitment, his overall skill set, and his impact on the Golden Eagles.

Central Wisconsin Sports, who interviewed Hauser himself:

“To be honest, I tried not to let my brother being there be a huge factor,” Hauser said. “Obviously it did a little bit, but just playing for coach Wojo, I think he’s going to get the best out of me and help me become what I want in life and playing in Marquette, ever since they started recruiting me, that’s just something I really wanted to do. I’ve known coach Wojo now since eighth grade. Seeing what he’s done with the program, turning it around… that’s something I want to be a part of. My brother bought into it, now I’m buying into it.”

USA Today High School Sports via Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who spoke with Stevens Point Area High School boys’ basketball coach Scott Anderson:

“He is a real pleasure to coach,” Anderson said. “Not only because he is such a great player, but he is a great person to have on the team.

“He is an outstanding player already. And I think in a lot of ways has a real high ceiling yet, where he can continue to develop and grow as a player.”


“He does so many things well already,” Anderson said. “He is very skilled. He can play in the post. He can play off the dribble. He can shoot it from three. He is an excellent passer. He is just very complete offensively.

“His size and athleticism make him a special player. He can do a little bit of everything.”

Eric Bossi for

Hauser should be a terrific fit in Milwaukee. He's a tough and skilled player who can give minutes at the small or power forward and he should arrive on campus ready to produce from day one.

From Scott A. Williams for the USA Today Network in Wisconsin, with quotes from Hauser:

A versatile 6-foot-8, 210-pound forward, Hauser has the ability to play any of the five positions on the court if called upon.

Despite his considerable skill set, including a deft stroke from the perimeter, Hauser understands nothing will be handed to him at Marquette.

"I'm going to have to earn all the minutes I'm going to play," Hauser said. "They like the versatility I bring to the table. (Marquette's coaches) see me as a basketball player, not someone defined by a position.

"If a tall guy is guarding me I can take him off the dribble. If a smaller guy is on me, I can post him up. I think I'm a really smart player and try to make the right play at the right time. I just want to win and help my team win."

Any of the five positions, huh? Interesting.

247 Sports’ Kevin Flaherty, talking about both Hauser’s commitment and his play at the adidas tournament in Lawrence, Kansas, over the weekend.

Hauser was impressive over the weekend, drawing the attention of several coaches in attendance with his all-round game. A 6-foot-8 forward, Hauser was strong inside but also showed the makings of a complete game with a nice outside stroke. He also passed the ball well and even made a couple plays off the bounce.

Did you see some other commentary on Hauser and Marquette that’s not behind a paywall? Link to it in the comments section!