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2017 The Basketball Tournament Northeast & South Region Viewing Guide: How To Watch, Schedule, Time, and Streaming


SEC Basketball Tournament - Ole Miss v Florida
Marshall Henderson is playing basketball today. Today is a good day.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

If you can pry yourself away from the NBA Las Vegas Summer League for a moment, may I suggest you turn an eye or two to the opening round of action in the 2017 edition of The Basketball Tournament?

We’ve got over 12 straight hours of action today, all of which is coming streaming in to your eyeballs thanks to the nice people over at WatchESPN. Even better, there’s two TBT regions - the Northeast and the South - playing their first round games today with the games staggered by 15 minutes, so once things get going, we can just cascade from one game to the next in rapid fire fashion.

There’s a bunch of highlights on the schedule for the day. We start things off with the two Jamboree winners - The Citi Team and Paul Champions - trying to advance in the full bracket. Overseas Elite, the two-time defending champions, start their quest for a third straight title in the third game window of the day in Charlotte, and that game is followed up by the Washington Generals trying to win their first game since 1971. Keep an eye on Brothers Dat Ball in the South region, as we found out on Wednesday that they were replacing Memorial Magic in TBT. The evening sessions feature the Syracuse alumni in action, and there’s always a chance that Eric Devendorf flat out punches someone. That game in the East region goes up against Marshall Henderson’s Ole Miss squad playing in the South region, so that pretty much guarantees something interesting will happen. The Villanova alumni team plays in the window after those two games, and the day wraps up with maybe my favorite team name in the tournament in action, as the PrimeTime Players will start their path to millions of dollars.


Date: Saturday, July 7, 2017
Time: All Damn Day
Location: Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, PA & Queens University in Charlotte, NC
Streaming: WatchESPN
Twitter Updates: @thetournament

All times Central


8:15am: #8 Talladega Knights vs #9 Paul Champions
10am: #1 FCM Untouchables vs #16 OPI
11:45am: #4 Team FOE vs #13 DC On Point
1:30pm: #5 Zoo Crew vs #12 Sideline Cancer

3:15pm: #6 City of Gods vs #11 GaelNation
5pm: #3 Boeheim’s Army vs #13 DuBois Dream
6:45pm: #2 Supernova vs #15 South Jamaica Kings
8:30pm: #7 Team Fancy vs #10 Rebel Riders


8am: #4 Kentucky Kings vs #13 The Citi Team
9:45am: #5 Tampa Bulls vs #12 Seven City Grain
11:30am: #1 Overseas Elite vs #16 Chattanooga Trenches
1:15pm: #8 Matadors vs #9 Washington Generals

3pm: #6 Brothers Dat Ball vs #11 Golden Boot Dynasty
4:45pm: #3 Ole Hotty Toddy vs #14 NC Prodigal Sons
6:30pm: #2 Ram Nation vs #15 Showtime
8:15pm: #7 Blue Zoo vs #10 PrimeTime Players