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Class of 2018 Point Guard Quentin Grimes Sets His Official Visit Schedule

The Texas native saved his visit to Marquette for last. Good thing or bad thing?

NCAA Basketball: Maine at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a busy week for news about Class of 2018 top 25 point guard Quentin Grimes. Last Friday we found out that he was hosting four schools, including YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles, for in-home visits, and then on Wednesday, Grimes made it official that he was only considering four schools, down from his original cutdown of seven. The final four in the process are Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, and, of course, Marquette. All four are, unsurprisingly, the same four that visited Grimes last weekend.

Anyway, the news stream continued on Friday night when Grimes announced his official visit schedule.

  • Friday, September 22: Texas
  • Friday, September 29: Kentucky
  • Friday, October 13: Kansas
  • Friday, October 20: Marquette

The 6’4”, 175 lb. Grimes is currently ranked #17 in the country in the class of 2018 according to the 247 Sports Composite system. He’s regarded as the #4 point guard in the country and the #1 prospect in the state of Texas. With just Wisconsin standout Joey Hauser (#34) committed for 2018, Marquette already has the #40 recruiting class in the country, and adding Grimes would vault the Golden Eagles to #8. If you give Steve Wojciechowski and his staff credit for 2016 signee Brendan Bailey, who is expected to finish his Mormon mission in the spring and then join MU, the addition of Grimes would push Marquette to the #2 recruiting class in the country for 2018.

So, yeah, kind of a big deal.

There’s upsides and downsides to getting the last slot in the schedule. Upside: Get to make the last impression on Grimes before he makes a decision! Downside: Grimes isn’t required to take the visit before making a commitment to someone else!

Here’s what we do know: Grimes will be visiting Marquette during fall break on campus. Just like getting the last slot, that has positives and negatives, depending on what you want the visit to be. There’s no classes going on, so Grimes can’t drop in to one with Greg Elliott. Since it’s a four day weekend, a lot of students will end up leaving campus. However, with no classes going on, that leaves a lot of available time for team building exercises/activities with Grimes and the current roster. It’s also worth noting that Grimes’ visit comes after the start of official in-season practices. With all that free time running around, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Wojo has his toughest practice of the preseason scheduled for the day that Grimes is on campus.

As far as events on the other campus during the schedule, there’s not much going on. Texas football is on a bye week. Kentucky is playing Eastern Michigan in football the next day, and Big Blue Madness isn’t until October.... coincidentally, on the day when Grimes is at Kansas. The Jayhawks football team is at Iowa State the day after Grimes visits there, and Late Night In The Phog is slated.... for the day after Grimes visits Kentucky. That’s a weird bit of scheduling by both of those schools and/or Grimes.

It’s actually not a stretch to say that Marquette volleyball hosting Xavier during Grimes’ visit is the most important athletic event occurring on any of the four campuses during one of his visits. Go figure, huh?

As always, we close with Marquette’s current and future scholarship situation. Because this is a Quentin Grimes update, we also have to close with a note that MU does not currently project to have a scholarship available for Grimes in the fall of 2018.

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