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Marquette Women’s Basketball Escapes With A Win Against Butler

Allazia Blockton is THA GAWD.

Marquette guard Allazia Blockton


I mean, just WOW.

Marquette swiped a win out of the hands of Butler quite literally on Friday night, beating the Bulldogs, 69-67, thanks to a buzzer beater from Allazia Blockton.

CHECK IT OUT, and then we’ll get to how it happened.

So here’s the deal.

After leading by 15 at one point, Marquette let Butler back into the game, eventually ceding a five point lead to the Bulldogs with 5:54 left in the game. After a three-pointer by Kristen Spolyar, Butler was up four with under two minutes to play. Then things got weird.

Danielle King cut it to two, and then Spolyar fouled out of the game after getting whistled for a charge on the other end. That led to a badass elbow jumper by Blockton, and boom, tie game with 41 seconds left. After Butler missed on the ensuing possession, Marquette took a timeout with 20 seconds left.

Things got WEIRDER, as Natisha Hiedeman got trapped up with the ball, and MU called time with 4.2 to play and 2 seconds left on the shot clock. Remember that differential, it’s going to get important here.

Off the inbounds, MU had nothing going on, so King fired a three from 25 feet. Had to, no time, besides, it’s tied, what’s the worst that happens? She misses, Butler’s Tori Schickel grabs the ball before the shot clock expires, so it’s a rebound......


Marquette ball, 0.8 to go, inbounding under their own hoop.

You saw what happened. Shoutout to Hiedeman for such a clean inbounds pass.

Now for the tough part of the whole deal. Remember when I said that Marquette was up 15? Yeah. About that.

They were up 15 when Erika Davenport went diving out of bounds after a loose ball and smashed to a heap on the far side of the courtside seats. The fans sitting nearby immediately stood up and waved for the MU training staff to come over. Scary stuff for a while, but it ended up being kind of okay. Davenport was escorted off by the MU staff, although without putting any weight at all on her left leg, and she would be done for the night. She would return to the bench area after halftime, but she sat behind the bench and had a pair of crutches standing up nearby her.

With Davenport out of the game, Marquette’s post presence was kind of evaporated, and Schickel, the best interior threat in the Big East, was kind of allowed to run rampant. She had seven of her 12 points and nine of her 13 rebounds in the second half as Butler just worked their way closer and closer before pushing past Marquette briefly in the fourth quarter.

Blockton finished with a game high 25 points and chipped in six rebounds and an assist in her free time. Hiedeman didn’t score, but she had three rebounds, five assists, and a steal to help pave the way. King had another outstanding game, going for 12 points, one rebound, six assists, and three steals.

Oh, and did I mention that Marquette is 6-0 in Big East action now, and still the only undefeated team in league play?

Let’s go to some highlights, courtesy of the Big East Digital Network and

Up Next: Marquette is back in action on Sunday afternoon when Xavier comes to down. The Musketeers have lost five straight after falling 79-48 to DePaul on Friday night.