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Marquette Women’s Tennis Update: The 2018 Indiana Winter Invitational

Let’s take a look at how the team did this past weekend down in Bloomington

Marquette women’s tennis
Isabella Franks ended up playing doubles with a partner from a different school over the weekend.

The last time we checked in on the women’s tennis team was in October, while they were still in preseason form, getting ready to make a run at a Big East title come April. As I wrote back then, college tennis is extremely hard to understand. The doubles scoring is different than pro tennis in which there is only one set as opposed to best two out of three in the pros. You can also change doubles partners apparently which happened in the Marquette case, but we’ll get into that later. Also, something that blew my mind is that you can team up with a member of another school in doubles. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I know, it’s wild, also kind of cool though.

I went through the roster in the last article, but there has been a bit of a change as Courtney Hebard has left the team, leaving Andrea Amortegui as the only American on the roster. The women’s tennis roster represents six different countries, which include Australia, France, Netherlands, the United States, Serbia and Spain.

This past weekend, the team took a trip down to Bloomington, Indiana, to take part in the Indiana Winter Invitational. The tournament started this past Saturday with the duo of Natalija Popovic and Lesley Foe defeating a doubles team from Abilene Christian 6-3. The Golden Eagles kept the intensity up throughout day one as the next pair up was Andrea Amortegui and Milica Novakovic defeating a pair from Wright State, 6-3, as well. In singles action, Novakovic and Amortegui each dropped their singles matches, while Popovic, Foe and Isabella Franks each defeated their opponents on day one.

Day 2 was a tough one for the Golden Eagles as the team went 0.5-2 on the day in doubles. The only reason I say 0.5 is because Isabella Franks teamed up with a member from Wright State to defeat a pair from Abilene Christian. I had no idea you were allowed to do that in college. With all of the dumb rules Mark Emmert and the NCAA are out here enforcing, I feel like teaming up with another athlete from a different school would be breaking one of them, but I guess not. Cool!

Singles action was not much better for the Golden Eagles went 1-4 with Novakovic being the lone winner defeating Big East opponent and fellow Serbian Lenka Antonijevic from DePaul in a close contest. In the third round of doubles on Sunday night, the duo of Popovic and Foe defeated a pair of Indiana while Novakovic and Amortegui dropped the match to combo of DePaul and Wright State players.

On the third and final day of the invitational, the duo of Franks and Foe dropped their match to a pair Blue Demons from DePaul, while Andrea Amortegui paired up with another member from Wright State to defeat a duo featuring a member from Indiana and Abilene Christian. Remember in my last article when I said Срби су добри у тенису? Yup, Serbians are still very good at tennis and when the Serbian duet of Milica Novakovic and Natalija Popovic team up, good things will happen. The duo defeated their opponents from Wright State 7-5 in a close match. Later, the duo defeated a pair of Hoosiers 6-3 in their final match of the day. The duo of Franks and Foe later defeated their final opponent 6-4.

Overall it was a very good weekend for the Golden Eagles to get back into things after winter break. The team returns on Friday, January 26th to face that school from Madison that no one really cares for. I’ll follow up this article next week with a preview for the match against the Badgers.