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Marquette Beats #1 Villanova One Year Later: The view from the 400 level is still special

What do I remember from one year ago? Spoiler alert: Not Much

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, January 28, Marquette will be hosting #1 Villanova at the Bradley Center in a major nationally televised game on Fox. It comes just one year and four days after the Golden Eagles knocked off the #1 ranked Wildcats in the BC, giving MU their first ever regular season victory over a #1 ranked opponent. To both celebrate the anniversary and preview Sunday’s game, we’re going to let the AE staff tell you their stories and memories from that January 2017 night.

One year ago, Marquette took down #1 Villanova at the Bradley Center...I went.

I have ticket and visual proof that I was at the epic victory last year, however, my memories are limited. We will dive into that in a bit.

First of all, a little background on my Marquette fandom. I am not a Marquette alum, that great pleasure goes to the prestigious University to the Southwest, Wisconsin-Whitewater. My Marquette fandom is derived from growing up in the Milwaukee area and attending home games with my Dad and one of my friends. One memory that stands out in my head is seeing Dwyane Wade win the dunk contest as an ineligible freshman at Midnight Madness. I have always been attracted to the style of basketball that Marquette plays and also the location in Milwaukee doesn’t hurt. My Marquette love has grown over time, and I feel like I have the same loyalty to the program that an alum has. The reason for that is simple....I hate the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am not one of the wishy washy fans that cheers for both teams in the state. When UW-Madison is playing, I want them to lose.

For the last 5 or 6 years, I have had season tickets with three other guys. Our seats are not good, but they are cheap. Section 409 is where we reside. During weeknight games, it is usually a nice spot to sprawl out and throw a couple of beers back. The Villanova game was on a weeknight, but the upper level was a little bit more full than usual because the #1 team was in town. Last year was one of those years where when we played a good team at home, we have certain expectations set: Marquette will probably keep the game close most of the game, and then with about 5 minutes left the opponent will pull away. Well, as we know, the Villanova game was the complete opposite of this. My memory in general seems to act in a strange way. I can remember people and people’s names very well. At work, I have hundreds of clients, and if I saw them in public, I could probably give you their name at a 98% clip. As far as sports go, I am very good at memorizing where a player went to college, what teams they played on, etc. For some reason, my memory of details of events that happen are blurry. Sometimes this is alcohol induced, but even going back to my childhood, details of events are often hard for me to remember. Maybe I have killed too many brain cells since college. I don’t know!

Here are my memories of that epic night one year ago without looking at a box score or reading articles to recap the game:

  • Katin Swag: Katin Reinhardt took over the game in the 2nd half and was feeling himself. He never lacked confidence on the court, but during this game he was on another level.
  • Swaggy Du: Duane Wilson made big plays down the stretch. Duane’s role changed last year, and he handled in amazing fashion. During this game, he played solid defense and made smart, game winning plays on the offensive end.
  • GET THE TABLES: After the win, the players all jumped on the scorer’s table and stood over the masses of fans that rushed the court. This is an iconic image from that game.
  • Cheap Seats: The downfall of sitting up in the 400’s section is that you miss out on the court storm. Here is my view of the madness:
My View From 409

That’s it, that’s all I got...I warned you of this. I wish this game was on a weekend so that the party would have continued onto 3rd Street and Water Street. Well, guess what? We have that opportunity this Sunday! The crowd should be a little bit extra lubed up for the Sunday noon start and another chance to take down #1. Is storming the court acceptable again? I’m not sure, I’ll leave that to the students. I will be up in 409 doing as much cheering and celebrating as I can.