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#18 Marquette Volleyball Preview: vs #10 Creighton Bluejays & Providence Friars

The Golden Eagles play the biggest match of their season on Friday and then take on Providence on Saturday

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Your Marquette Golden Eagles are the 18th best team in the country. They have lost to four teams total all who were ranked higher than them at the time. Three of those teams are in the top ten now. If the Golden Eagles want a statement win to put them in the top 15 they need to come out and beat Creighton on Friday. Enough chit chat. Let’s. Get. Previewing.

Big East Match #11 Preview: vs #10 Creighton Bluejays (18-4, 10-0 Big East)

Date: Friday, October 26, 2018
Time: 7 PM CT
Location: Al McGuire Center, Milwaukee, WI
Stream: Big East Digital Network on Fox Sports Go
Live Stats: Sidearm Stats
Twitter Updates: @MarquetteVB

We all know what happened lat year when the Bluejays came to the Al. If you don’t remember here’s what happened. This is where my hatred of Creighton started. Before this match I respected Creighton, heck Dougy McBuckets was on the Knicks, I was all for the Jays. But, what happened this night is where I made a mortal enemy. Creighton’s star Jaali Winters was atrocious that night. She recorded eight kills and looked like she had never stepped foot on a volleyball court before. She was awful. [Editor’s note: She, like most of her teammates, had a bad night, it’s true.] That’s when her knight in shining armor (hi, @mjdemarinis) came in to try and start shit with me. [Editor’s note: it was actually much later when BB heard an announcer in a different match accurately state that Winters was a good defensive player and objected due to her performance in Milwaukee.] I was not having it. I will not have it. I hate Creighton. [Editor’s note: They’re the Louisville of the Big East.]

Leading the offense for Creighton is Taryn Kloth who is averaging 4.06 kills per set, which is absurd. Kloth has been going off all season and with Jaali Winters opposite of her averaging 3.76 kills per set, Kloth has nothing to worry about if she is having an off game. Coach Theis is going to have figure out some solid schemes to contain these two.

Setting for the Jays is Madelyn Cole who is averaging 10.62 assists per set, again which is absurd. It is not hard to get those assist numbers up when all you have do is get the ball in the air and one of the four Creighton hitters can smash the ball home. Madelyn Cole is one lucky woman.

Like I said earlier, I hate Creighton. This is the biggest match of the season for the Golden Eagles, as the Big East regular season title is essentially on the line after Marquette lost in Omaha earlier this season. I think Marquette will come out ready to play on their home court. The Al will be rocking and I really do think Marquette can win this game. I am gonna say Marquette in four because if this match goes five sets, I desperately fear that the Golden Eagles will lose.

Big East Match #12 Preview: vs Providence (7-14, 1-9 Big East)

Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018
Time: 6 PM CT
Location: Al McGuire Center, Milwaukee, WI
Live Stats: Sidearm Stats
Twitter Updates: @MarquetteVB

These are two polar opposite matches taking place at 770 N. 12th Street this weekend. Creighton is the best team in the conference (for now) and Providence is the worst. This should be an easy match for the Golden Eagles.

Leading the offense for Providence is Allison Impellizeri who is averaging 3.75 kills per set, which is actually pretty good for a team that bad. Addison Root is just behind Impellizeri with 3.51 kills per set. These two are good, but Coach Theis should be fine with the normal blocking scheme.

Setting for the Friars is Allie Barber. Now we do this every time we preview Providence, where we say wait Allie Barber is on Marquette, well there are two Allie Barbers and Marquette’s is better. The Friars’ Barber is still good and has been playing solid this season mostly going to Impellizeri and Root.

This should be a pretty easy match for the Golden Eagles as long as fatigue does not play an issue from the night before. This could be a revenge game, where Marquette sweeps easy money or they could be coming off a win and still be celebrating. I am still gonna say Marquette in three for this one.

Now Friday is the biggest game of the season. Throw in some Ricky Rozay turn that shit all the way up and let’s get pumped for Creighton and get ready to show those Bluejays what’s what.

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