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We’re Back! It’s The Anonymous Eagle Podcast, Episode 2!

Patrick and Sam breakdown the deepest roster Marquette has had this decade player-by-player.

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Marquette vs DePaul Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another week of The Anonymous Eagle podcast! Huge shoutout to all of you who listened to our first episode (which you can find here) about the first four years of the Steve Wojciechowski. This week, we got back on the mic to go player by player with Marquette’s roster for the upcoming season, a roster we feel is the deepest we’ve ever seen Marquette have (we’re in our mid-20s).

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Here’s some of our brightest moments on this week’s episode:

On the Greg Elliott situation

Patrick: “If you don’t think he’s going to have a legitimate role and impact, and he’s injured in any serious way, I just don’t think you should bring him back. But I personally thought this was going to be a big year for Greg Elliott and so I would personally like to see him come back if the circumstances make sense for him to come back.”

Sam: “I have a weird comparison for him to Kris Dunn.”

Patrick: “He looks like Kris Dunn, physically.”

Sam: “I don’t want to risk longer term injuries or ruin any sort of balance the team has, and that’s kind of why I want the redshirt to happen. Plus having a kid of his character around the program longer and a kid of his work ethic around the program longer is good.”

On Matt Heldt

Patrick: “He’s just the most earnest basketball player. His talent has never been at a level that screams starting, top 25, collegiate center, but he just does all of the little things right, and he appears to be a really good guy off the court.

Sam: “He is. He was in one of my philosophy classes senior year.”

Patrick: “I think sort of adding to the legend, although I think it’s been buried a little, is he appeared to break his foot by dropping a weight on it in the offseason, about six weeks ago, which I find to be somewhat hilarious as long as it means that he’s not going to be affected as a player this season, because it just adds to the mythology of Matt Heldt.”

On who we think will improve the most from last season

Sam: “Mine was going to be Greg Elliott until he got hurt.”

Patrick: “I think I agree with that.”

Sam: “I think we’re going to continue to see the rise of Sacar. I don’t think Sacar will ever be an elite shooter, but you need some form of slasher, and he has all of the physical tools and the mindset to do it. We saw it in flashes last year. Seeing that be more consistent would be great, and then he’ll just continue to be a good defender. I think he’s a lot more vital a cog in this machine than people are giving him credit for.

Patrick: “I tend to think that that’s a good answer. I also probably would have said Greg Elliott before the injury. One I would I guess be hopeful for is Theo John, because I think that while Matt Heldt is a great player to have on your team, the biggest upgrade would be if your backup young center is all of a sudden a monstrous force, as opposed to Matt being sort of the steady Eddie, high floor, low ceiling kind of player he is. If Theo John were to put together a huge jump in his ability and fitness to the college game, I think that could be a hugely crucial improvement for them.”