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A Recap Of Sorts: Marquette 87, Carroll 44

It’s an exhibition game, so we’ll talk about it, but we’re not recapping this seriously.

Sacar Anim
Leading scorer Sacar Anim. What a time to be alive.

I am not going to lie to you guys here, we didn’t learn too much from the game last night.

The game was not too well played even though Marquette Golden Eagles ended up beating Carroll University by a score of 87-44. I admire Carroll for their effort but to put it simply, they did not have the talent to even come close to competing with Marquette for 40 minutes. Last year Lindenwood at least had scholarship players to give Marquette plenty of fits, Carroll on the other hand, as a Division 3 team, does not give scholarships and therefore does not have the caliber of player a school like Lindenwood does. Although the competition was subpar, there were a couple of things we could glean from the game.

ITEM #1: Joey Hauser looks legit.

Going into the season, Joey Hauser has been a bit of a wildcard as he is not only a freshman but a redshirt freshman coming off an injury that ended his senior season at Stevens Point Area High School. However, after tonight I think it’s pretty obvious that he will have a reasonably large role on this team. The younger Hauser was the first guy off the bench and managed to rack up just over 20 minutes and 11 points on 5-6 shooting. Hauser’s numbers looked nice, but it was the way he carried himself that really impressed me. Joey looked very comfortable handling the ball on the perimeter and used his ability to dribble to get good looks throughout the night. As I stated earlier, Carroll isn’t exactly a major conference opponent, but the way Hauser carried himself tonight bears well for the remainder of the season.

ITEM #2: Wojo has some sort of trust in Brendan Bailey.

Head coach Steve Wojciechowski marched out a starting lineup of Markus Howard, Sacar Anim, Sam Hauser, Brendan Bailey, and Ed Morrow. I don’t think we can determine that this will be our starting lineup a week from now against UMBC, but it does mean something that Wojo decided to start the 21 year old freshman. Although Bailey was not particularly sharp on the night (2-6 overall and 1-3 from deep) he showed his confidence by not shying away from taking shots early in the game. Much like Joey Hauser, Bailey has been a bit of an enigma going into the season due to his limited activity while on his two year Mormon mission, but the fact of the matter is that he started tonight and was comfortable enough to take shots when he felt he was open.

ITEM #3: Joseph Chartouny’s feel for the game seems to be legit.

Chartouny may take a little while to get up to speed playing in a major conference but tonight what stood out was his feel for the game and his court vision. Although he turned the ball over four times, he racked up nine assists and looked as if he knew what was going on while on the offensive end. Chartouny did not manage to make a bucket on only one shot but his job on offense isn’t to score and any time he gets nine assists, I will be happy. I wish I could say something about Chartouny’s defense but extrapolating anything against Carroll is a fool’s task, so I will limit my analysis to his offensive night.

Bits and pieces: Jamal Cain sucked had a rough night as he picked up four fouls and was 1-3 from the charity stripe..... Ed Morrow scored 16 points on 7-of-8 shooting, which should surprise no one since he is literally double the size of the biggest guy on Carroll...... Sacar Anim looked pretty good and lead the team with 17 points...... Marquette is lucky my roommate Dave isn’t still playing at Carroll because as he said, “Marquette would have been in a world of hurt”.