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Your College Football Saturday Viewing Guide: November 10, 2018

I grow weary of cheering for Rutgers.

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Penn State vs Washington
I know we give Providence a bunch of crap about their mascot, but Penn State’s is underrated in terms of weirdness.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve made a decision.

The Big Ten needs to do something to fix their football league.

Either A) They need to kick Rutgers out or B) they need to be worse in terms of general across the board performance.

Do you realize how depressing it is to have to pretend to expect Rutgers to provide something in terms of College Football Anarchy? For the second time this season, I have had to muster up the courage to actually admit that I’m cheering for Rutgers because of the College Football Anarchy rules. THIS IS CRUEL AND UNUSUAL, BIG TEN. This week is actually the second week in a row that I’ve found myself cheering for Rutgers, although that has more to do with my desire to see space aliens abduct the entirety of Camp Randall Stadium and accidentally launch it into the sun than with actually preferring the smooth football stylings of Chris Ash.

[long exhale]


There are nine ranked teams on the road this week, so that seems like a pretty big deal. Don’t get me wrong, the slate of games doesn’t jump out at you and say HEY, ISN’T THIS GREAT?, but at least there’s something on the line with ranked teams on the road. The alleged highlight of the week is #16 Mississippi State going on the road to face #1 Alabama, but between you, me, and that wall over there, I think we all know that the Bulldogs don’t have a chance in hell here. On the flipside, I’m weirdly optimistic about #17 Boston College‘s chances at home to beat #2 Clemson and really throw a wrench into the ACC title game picture, not to mention the national championship picture.

Of course, I fully believe that Florida State is going to wreck #3 Notre Dame, because nothing says funny like the Irish managing to flub Syracuse‘s chances of hosting a game between two top 10 teams. YEAH. Syracuse is ranked #13 in the country, for those of you not paying attention. Chew on that for a while.

Here’s the official College Football Anarchy cheering guide for this fine November Saturday.

#16 Mississippi State at #1 Alabama
#17 Boston College vs #2 Clemson
Florida State at #3 Notre Dame
Rutgers vs #4 Michigan
#24 Auburn at #5 Georgia

Here’s your schedule of nationally televised broadcasts for the day! Enjoy!

College Football Saturday Viewing Guide: 11/10/18

Time (CT) Game Television
Time (CT) Game Television
11:00 AM TCU at #9 West Virginia FS1
#10 Ohio State at #18 Michigan State Fox
Navy at #12 UCF ESPN2
South Carolina at #15 Florida ESPN
Wisconsin at #20 Penn State ABC
Tulsa at Memphis ESPNU
Lafayette at Army CBS Sports Network
Vanderbilt at Missouri SEC Network
Ole Miss at Texas A&M CBS
Illinois at Nebraska Big Ten Network**
Maryland at Indiana Big Ten Network**
2:30 PM #16 Mississippi State at #1 Alabma CBS
#4 Michigan at Rutgers Big Ten Network
Oklahoma State at #6 Oklahoma ABC
#8 Washington State at Colorado ESPN
#11 Kentucky at Tennessee SEC Network
Northwestern at #21 Iowa Fox
Baylor at #22 Iowa State FS1
New Mexico at Air Force CBS Sports Network
Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh ESPNU
Purdue at Minnesota ESPN2
3:00 PM East Carolina at Tulane ESPN News
6:00 PM #24 Auburn at #5 Georgia ESPN
Miami at Georgia Tech ESPN2
Temple at Houston CBS Sports Network
South Florida at Cincinnati ESPNU
6:30 PM Florida State at #3 Notre Dame NBC
#7 LSU at Arkansas SEC Network
#19 Texas at Texas Tech Fox
7:00 PM #2 Clemson at #17 Boston College ABC
9:30 PM California at USC ESPN
UNLV at San Diego State ESPN2
Colorado State at Nevada ESPNU