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This Is A Tyler Herro Stan Website Update: November 11, 2018

There are flaws to our rebranding sometimes.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky Media Day
Yes, I am stupid enough to keep using the publicity photo for this.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who may have missed it, here at Anonymous Eagle, we pride ourselves on being a website that encourages college athletics recruits to pick the school that is the best choice for them. As such, we’re starting a new feature today to keep ourselves updated on the goings on of Tyler Herro, the dude that 247 Sports tabbed as the best Class of 2018 prospect from the state of Wisconsin and a dude who elected to go to Kentucky.

UK bounced back from their very embarrassing season opening loss to Duke by hosting Southern Illinois on Friday night. Here’s the good news: The Wildcats won, with a final score of 71-59. Here’s the bad news: SIU was actually winning this game 44-37 with 14 minutes and change left to go. That’s not exactly the kind of outing that you want to have shortly after Zion Williamson attempted to dunk you off the face of the planet.

Things go from bad to worse for our purposes here, as the esteemed Mr. Herro had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Things you don’t want to tell your grandkids someday: “Hey, when I made my Rupp Arena debut in the blue & white, I scored no points, missed all four of my shots, and finished with an offensive rating of 8 according to” That’s a bit of a bummer, and I certainly did not expect to have to write about a scoreless game when rebranding this website into a Tyler Herro Stan Website.

Herro started and played 20 minutes for John Calipari, and he did add three rebounds and a steal to the proceedings. He only had one turnover, which is something that six of his teammates can not say.

All in all, not the best outing for the Wisconsin phenom, especially given the overall team circumstances. But hey, life is a series of learning experiences, and I’m sure that he’ll take that into account and come away better off for UK’s next game and be the kind of player that anyone and everyone would love to have on their team.

Kentucky returns to action on Wednesday, November 14th, when they host future Marquette opponent North Dakota at Rupp Arena. Unfortunately, the eyes of the nation will not be on the Wildcats for this one, as everyone and their sister will be watching Marquette at Indiana, which tips off 30 minutes earlier. Tyler, if you’re reading this, please feel free to email any scouting report notes you might have on UND to Coach Wojo.