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Demolition Derby: #19 Marquette Women’s Basketball Smashes Northern Iowa For Third Straight Monster Win

Apparently Carolyn Kieger is handing out IV’s of Michael’s Secret Stuff before tip-off

Natisha Hiedeman
Natisha Hiedeman picked up a double-double against Northern Iowa

Three games, three wins, three absolute blow-outs.

That’s how you start a season.

On Sunday afternoon, Marquette women’s basketball advanced to the 2018 Preseason WNIT semifinals by way of a 102-61 victory over Northern Iowa. The #19 ranked Golden Eagles are now 3-0 on the year with margins of victory of 39, 48, and 41.

That’s nuts.

Five points from Allazia Blockton and a bucket from Erika Davenport on MU’s first three shots of the game had the Golden Eagles up 7-0 after less than 90 seconds. The Golden Eagles answered a UNI triple with an 8-0 to go up 15-3. Another UNI triple was answered by a 9-0 run. 24-6, 1:43 left in the first quarter.

The game was effectively over.

Marquette led by 20 at the half, and opened up the third quarter with a 7-0 run. Yep. There’s not much else to talk about here.

I feel ever so slightly bad for the UNI coaching staff. They had a quick turnaround from Friday night to come to Milwaukee and play this game on Sunday afternoon. That’s not a lot of time to gameplan, but what was working in their favor was three years worth of stats and so forth with these core seniors in place for Carolyn Kieger. For example, maybe if you looked at last year’s stat sheet, you would say to your team, “hey, don’t worry about defending threes all that much. They only shot 32% last season, and this is essentially the same team. Sure, they’re shooting 41% this season, but c’mon, two games!”

It would have made sense. I wouldn’t have blamed the UNI coaches for doing that.

Marquette shot 9-for-17 from three in this game. That’s 53%. Serious question: Given all of the ways that Marquette can score with the abundance of attackers on the roster, how in hell do you defend this team if they’re knocking down 43% of their threes like they are on the season now, much less knocking down more than half of their attempts like they did in this game? I’m seriously asking. That sounds like an absolute nightmare to try to defend.

Allazia Blockton led all scorers in this one with 22 points scored in just 19 minutes, and only six of those came in the second half. She also chipped in three rebounds and an assist. Natisha Hiedeman was all over the place for Marquette, tossing in 10 points and dishing a career best 10 assists.

Believe it or not, YouTube allows videos of absolute massacres up on their site, so here’s some highlights, courtesy of

Up Next: Marquette has to head out on the road for the Preseason WNIT semifinals. No, it’s not because they’re not the best team left in the field, because they absolutely are. It’s merely an issue of arena availability, as Marquette volleyball will be wrapping up their regular season at the McGuire Center over the weekend. MU will be down in Coral Gables on Thursday night to square off with Miami. The U knocked off Stephen F. Austin with relative ease in the first round of this tournament and picked up a 13 point home win over Hartford in the quarterfinals on Sunday. The winner advances to face either Iowa State or Auburn in the championship game, while the loser will just sit out until their next regularly scheduled game.