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The Quick & The Dirty: Indiana 96, #24 Marquette 73

Marquette dug a hole and stayed in it

NCAA Basketball: Marquette at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports


Your #24 ranked Marquette Golden Eagles lost. The score was 96-73, favoring Indiana. It was that bad, and sometimes it felt worse.

Things did not begin well, let’s just say that. Marquette looked like they had never played a game outside of their home area before, as Assembly Hall was on one and the Golden Eagles were shaking in their team-issued Jordans. They got punched in the mouth with aggressive defense and a rain of threes from a gangly scarecrow named Evan Fitzner.

Marquette turned the ball over way too much in the early going, allowing IU to grab the momentum by the neck and never let it go. They actually finished the first half with fewer turnovers than the Hoosiers (7 to IU’s 9), but they all came early, and they dug themselves too deep a hole to climb out. Indiana only scored 7 points off Marquette’s first half turnovers, but it’s still taking away shots from the Golden Eagles, who needed as many as they could to stay in this one. The only reason for hope in the early going was Sam Hauser, who finished the first half with 14 points, but it was an inefficient 14 (for his standards), and no one else could get going otherwise in the half. Hauser finished with 18 points on 2-10 from behind the arc. His splash brother Markus had an equally as inefficient 18, many of which came when it was already out of reach.

The Hoosiers came out of the gate guns a’blazin’ and executed everything perfectly. Marquette’s defense didn’t have a hope of keeping up. Romeo Langford was dazzling to watch, scoring 22 points. Fitzner the scarecrow had 16 for the Hoosiers on 6-7 shooting, a perfect 4-4 from 3.

The second half start wasn’t exactly encouraging, as Marquette’s first possession ended with a partially blocked Sam Hauser 3-pointer into the side of the backboard followed by an over-and-back the next time down the court.

OK I’ve been writing as the game has been going, and after this everything just got so much worse in like two minutes.

Couldn’t defend.

Couldn’t rebound.

Couldn’t score.

Couldn’t not foul.

Sweet mercy, that was awful.

One bright spot: Joey Hauser was great offensively (no one was good defensively). He also tallied 18, but it was a good 18, on 6-9 shooting (nice).

You don’t need to know anything other than Marquette has a long way to go in almost every aspect of the game if they want to compete with other quality programs. I’ve never wanted to be doom-and-gloom guy, but this was bleak. Sometimes these games happen, but this one felt particularly demoralizing.

With just under 11 minutes left in the game, the announcers glossed over another Marquette turnover to continue talking about the evolution of locker rooms. There’s your second half recap.

We’ve talked a lot on this website about how Indiana was going to be a big barometer of where Marquette was at this season. I don’t think anyone would’ve been shocked by a tough loss to a good team on the road. Wouldn’t have even been disappointing, really. But this was a jarring result that leaves a lot of worry going forward. There’s not a lot of time until Marquette goes to New York City to play a top-5 team in the country. I have no solution to offer, I’m just letting you know. Personally, I am nervous!

Enough from me. We’re all miserable in Marquette Nation, so let’s hear from the rest of our staff, who have all been commiserating together in our Official Blog GroupMe!

Patrick Leary: I wasn’t expecting a ton, but my god this was less.

Pistol Brad: My roommate transferred from Indiana to Marquette, he just finished his paperwork to transfer back.

Ben Snider: I’m more comfortable using this sentence to debate abortion than I am to discuss this game.

Brewtown Andy: woo still undefeated at fiserv forum or something

Sam Newberry: You don’t want a sentence from me.

Besay: Couldn’t hit a three, defensive reality check (tryna not be too harsh).

The player of the game is the microphone inside Marquette’s huddle on the televised broadcast that got too close to Wojo’s face, that’s how the game went.