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The Anonymous Eagle Podcast Episode 3: Breaking Down The 2018-19 Marquette Basketball Schedule

Can the Golden Eagles live up to expectations and win enough games to justify it’s preseason hype?

NCAA Basketball: Creighton at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Sam and Patrick are back and better than ever on the third episode of The Anonymous Eagle Podcast. On this edition, we take a brief detour to discuss the Carroll exhibition game before jumping into a breakdown of the 2018-19 schedule, aka the games that actually count.

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Here’s a look at some of the things we said on this week’s episode.

On Brad Davison:

Sam: “Nothing on the Wisconsin roster jumps out to me as the next best player after Ethan Happ. For Marquette, you have Markus Howard and Sam Hauser, and then you get into Chartouny is really good, and Morrow is really good and Joey Hauser is going to be really good. You see all that talent and then you look at the Wisconsin roster, and Brad Davison, I still stand by this take, I think Brad Davison was only good last year because there was nothing behind Ethan Happ. So he had to take shots, and he had to get the crap beaten out of him going to the rim.”

Patrick: “I think he’s a fine player, I just think he got so much notice because he was the white dude with the sleeve that was scrapping like crazy all the time.”

Sam: “He’s the next most punchable person. He’s taking JP Macura’s role as the next most punchable person in college basketball.”

Patrick: “I was going to say he’s like the spiritual successor to Aaron Craft.”

On who’s the scariest team in the Big East after Villanova:

Sam: “St. John’s, easy. Just the explosiveness on that roster. If Chris Mullin can coach his way out of a paper bag...”

Patrick: “Yeah, that backcourt is nasty.”

Sam: “There’s just no way that they’re not the second or third best team in the conference if they can even put a semblance of an organized team together.”

Patrick: “I think that’s probably the worry, is that they might not be able to because we’re not sure if Chris Mullin is a good coach.”

Patrick: “My team that I think is the most dangerous outside of Villanova is Butler. I don’t know if Butler is the most talented team, and if they still had Chris Holtmann as the coach I think I’d feel a lot more confident. LaVall Jordan, by all accounts...”

Sam: “He had a fantastic first year.”

Patrick: “He had a great first year, absolutely.”

Sam: “With a team that wasn’t supposed to be that good.”

Patrick: “I agree. I know he was really well respected at UW-Milwaukee, but I don’t think he’s proved it on the big stage that he’s a fantastic coach. I’m not saying he’s a bad coach, I just think the jury is still out. But I think that Butler have the best home court advantage in the conference.”