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The 10 Most Read Stories On Anonymous Eagle In 2018

Let’s take a look back to see what attracted the most attention over the past year.

Syracuse v Marquette
Would someone PLEASE start taking pictures of Marquette’s new mascot in 2019?
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve. We all made it through 2018, well, at least as long as we can get through these final 24 hours.

That makes it a good time to look back at the year that was, and in this case, taking a peek at the data mines to see what were the most read articles of the year on this here fancy time internet website. I can already report that Anonymous Eagle grew in readership in 2018 relative to 2017, and that’s always a good thing. It’s even more impressive when you remember that 2017 included Frank Kaminsky having a massive freakout after being called out for his nonsense. Even after that guy helped the site to its biggest day ever by a wide, wide, wide margin in October 2017, the regular readership of the site in 2018 boosted everything up and above what was a record breaking 2017.

In short, thanks to everyone for reading and telling your friends about the site as well. You keep up that end and we’ll keep plugging away over here.

So, let’s take a look back at the 10 articles on the site with the highest page views in 2018. There’s an obvious bias to the older articles, of course, as they’ve had more time for people to wander back and check them out as opposed to say, the recap of Friday’s win over Southern. Still, the whole point is to take a look back, and if we end up with a list from a long while back, that’s really what we were trying to do, right?

Honorable mention to: The Big East tournament bracket, the Oregon NIT preview, Dexter Akanno commits, Koby McEwen cutting his list to three and Joseph Chartouny scheduling a visit, and our Would You Rather on the NIT and the First Four.

#10: Koby McEwen picks Marquette

As much as I don’t care about recruiting (it’s Wojo’s job to win with the guys he has, no matter who they are), y’all really care about guys that are joining the team. We won’t see McEwen in a Marquette uniform for another 11 months, but it seems like everyone’s aware of the fact that he’s on the bench and sitting out this year.

#9: Joseph Chartouny picks Marquette

Like I said, y’all really care a lot about who’s joining the team. So far, Chartouny hasn’t quite lived up to the statistical expectations that he laid down in three years at Fordham, but there’s still a lot of basketball left to be played in 2019.

#8: The NCAA Tournament Selection Show viewing info

I changed the headline on this one to reflect Marquette being left out of the tournament after the show was over, so that probably helped bump things up a bit as a news article.

#7: Confirmation that Marquette was recruiting Joseph Chartouny.

Yes, an article merely discussing Chartouny possibly joining the team got more readers than the article on his actual commitment. Wild, huh? This one is part of a recruiting roundup, so there’s more helping out than just Chartouny news.

#6: The Harry Froling Era came to an end.

Froling is now averaging 7 points and 5 rebounds per game in 16 appearances for the Adelaide 36ers in the National Basketball League in his home country of Australia. We could probably have an extended conversation about who had the wrong idea about him relative to his contributions to Marquette last year.

#5: Markus Howard listed as doubtful against St. John’s.

Howard ended up missing the game after his hard fall in the previous game, but Marquette got the 85-73 victory anyway, thanks to a 24 point night from Sam Hauser.

#4: Breaking down Marquette’s seeding possibilities for the Big East tournament

All 10 spots were still up for grabs heading into the final day, so yeah, this was a big deal.

#3: NIT Selection Show viewing info

I changed the headline on this one to note that MU had gotten a #2 seed after the show had aired, which may have helped boost it up a bit. It’s also likely that a whole bunch of people suddenly needed to know when the selection show was and where it was airing, not just Marquette fans, and this was ready and waiting for them.

#2: Marquette reaches out to 4 recruits, including Nico Mannion

This one made the list because our friends at Duke Basketball Report got a kick out of the “Wojo in a hard hat” picture. Also it mentioned Nico Mannion, and that was a big deal back in June. Oh, man, remember the week where Mannion had cut his list to just Arizona or Marquette?

#1: 2018-19 Big East Summer Check-In: Villanova

You’re never going to believe this, but Villanova fans were very interested in what their conference rivals were saying about them about a month after they lost four players from a national championship team to the NBA Draft. Shouts to our friends at VU Hoops!