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Anonymous Eagle Wishes The New York Knicks & New York Rangers Well On Their Road Trip

Hey, look at all the Big Ten products on the rosters!

NHL: New York Rangers at Minnesota Wild
I found an excuse to run a hockey picture, so here’s Brady Skjei.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Anonymous Eagle are fans of lots of different sports. As such, we’re also fans of the well-being of athletes of lots of different sports. To that end, we would like to extend wishes of very happy travels to all of the gents who are on the rosters of the NBA’s New York Knicks and the NHL’s New York Rangers as they embark on a very long road trip starting today. The Knicks will not play another home game until March 11th, while the Rangers will play one home game between now and March 12th, the date that marks the next time they’ll start a run of consecutive home games.

We would like to extend an extra special set of well wishes to assistant coach Jerry Sichting and players Tim Hardaway, Jr., Trey Burke, and Troy Williams of the Knicks, and Steven Kampfer and Brady Skjei of the Rangers. Why extra thoughts for those guys? WELL, I’M GLAD YOU ASKED.

YOU SEE, Hardaway, Burke, and Kampfer are all products of the University of Michigan, Skjei attended the University of Minnesota, Williams went to the University of Indiana, and Sichting matriculated at Purdue University. Those are all Big Ten schools, and the reason why the Knicks and the Rangers are headed out on the road for extended stretches is because Jim Delany and the Big Ten INSISTED on playing the 2018 men’s basketball tournament at Madison Square Garden, the home of the Knicks and Rangers. Unfortunately for the Big Ten (and thus unfortunately for those former Wolverines, Golden Gophers, Hoosiers, and Boilermakers), the Big East has a contract with pre-set dates locked in place until 2026, so that means that the Big Ten had to move their tournament back one week from its regular timeslot.

That also means that the Knicks and Rangers have to go out on the road for two weeks instead of the maybe a game or two that they normally would to accommodate the Big East at this time of the year. Thus, those guys on the Knicks and Rangers rosters are all being forced to wander the wilderness for weeks on end because their schools A) wanted to make new friend Rutgers happy and/or B) really couldn’t bare the thought of passing up a chance to make a buck from a region of the country that normally doesn’t allow them to make a buck.

Sucks to be those guys.

Here’s the Knicks upcoming schedule:

February 26: Home loss to Golden State Warriors, their 10th loss in their last 11 games
March 2: at Los Angeles Clippers
March 4: at Sacramento Kings
March 6: at Portland Trail Blazers
March 9: at Milwaukee Bucks
March 11: Return home vs Toronto Raptors

Here’s what it looks like on a map!

New York Knicks road trip
New York Knicks road trip
Google Maps

Sadly, Google Maps only lets you show driving directions for trips with more than one destination, so this is slightly inaccurate looking, as the Knicks will be flying from city to city. It gets the point of “this trip is stupid” across though, and since we’re here to laugh at the Big Ten, that’s good enough.

And here’s the Rangers upcoming schedule, which is a doozy:

February 25: loss at home to Detroit Red Wings, their seventh straight loss
February 28: at Vancouver Canucks
March 2: at Calgary Flames
March 3: at Edmonton Oilers
March 6: SURPRISE HOME GAME OUTTA NOWHERE against Winnipeg Jets of all teams
March 8: at Tampa Bay Lightning
March 10: at Florida Panthers
March 12: FINALLY back at the Garden vs Carolina Hurricanes

Let’s see that bad boy on a map!

New York Rangers road trip
New York Rangers road trip
Google Maps

The part where they go back to the Garden to play Winnipeg before going to Florida kills me. The flight from Edmonton to New York will literally go directly over Winnipeg.

Edmonton to NYC flight map
Edmonton to NYC flight map
Google Maps

Safe travels, guys! Hope you packed enough underpants.