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Marquette Women’s Basketball Drops Providence

BIG WIN OVER THE FRIARS! Psych! Just making sure ya’ll are paying attention...Providence is terrible and 33 point victories are fun

Marquette women’s basketball
The night that Isabelle Spingola became immortal

When you talk about a team that holds the opponent to 19 points at the half and has their best shooting performance since Seton Hall (exactly a year ago from today) last’re talking about YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles. MU dismantled Providence by a final score of 94-61 on Saturday night and it was a great time. Just like today will be for each and every Marquette student IF and only IF they’ve read the honorable Benny Boy Snider’s keys to having the best day of your lives on this glorious National Marquette Day.

Was it surprising that MU DESTROYED the worst team in the league? Absolutely not. That was expected. What was surprising was Isabelle Spingola going off for 28 points on 9-12 shooting and 7-10 from three point land, including her first six from long range and first seven overall. You know it’s your night when you hit a contested three at the buzzer to put your team up 31 points at the half. We all know in these leagues, it’s next man (or woman) up. And boy, did Spingola ever answer the call with Erika Davenport sitting in street clothes for this game.

Seven threes in a game? Unbelieveable! That must be like a record or something? Oh she was very close! Her seven three-pointers are the second best mark for threes in a game in program history, only behind the woman, the myth, the legend Courtney Wiebel who had eight against UNC-Asheville in 2010. UNC-Asheville is known for developing the one and only Andrew Rowsey, who’s best known for #TheThing. I think he’s up to 20-something this season which is incredible. Sidenote: The men’s team plays Providence today and I hope they win by 33 as well.

Let’s be honest, no one is probably reading this right now so I could essentially say whatever I want right now and it wouldn’t matter. But, since I’m socially obligated to write a semi-coherent and decent recap of the game, I’ll instead throw some stats at whoever hasn’t started the festivities yet and reads this blog first thing in the morning. Stats are fun right? Marquette shot a whopping 60.7% from the field and 45.8% from behind the arc. They forced 19 turnovers because they literally started their full-court pressure right after they made the first basket and Providence (as expected) could not handle it. They out-rebounded the Friars 34-17, but that doesn’t matter because Brewtown Andy says rebounding margin isn’t a thing.

MU scored 42 points in the paint to Providence’s 20 and had 26 points off those glorious 19 turnovers they forced. They had 35 bench points while PC only had 18, the reffing crew consisted of Bruce Morris, Kevin Pethtel, and Krystle Apellaniz who are amazing human beings and should be given a raise, and the attendance at the game was 2,019 rowdy fans which is coincidentally the year after this year (if we get there, I sure hope we do but the world is crashing and burning if we’re being real), the atmosphere was electric, and the inside temperature was around 69 degrees [Editor’s note: nice] which is comforting considering the outside temperature was negative something below zero.

I have run out of ways to say that Marquette clobbered a team that they were supposed to. Quick note before I leave you to start the festivities myself: Allazia Blockton scored 20 points in the game. She is 11 points away from cracking the top 10 scoring list all-time in Marquette history. Stay tuned because she will likely surpass that mark Sunday afternoon against Creighton. Blockton is just a legit superstar playing at a very high level right now.

Poor Providence. They tried hard but sometimes the shots aren’t falling. That’s basketball. They ran into Marquette at a really bad time. The Golden Eagles will know look to take Creighton’s soul and spirit as well Sunday afternoon (which is tomorrow...I think). The Super Bowl is trash so don’t watch that because everyone and their mom knows the Patriots are going to win. Don’t listen to the stupid media that are trying to convince you that the Eagles have a chance because their just trying to come up with stories to talk about. Anyways...this has gone on long enough. Please do me a favor and enjoy your day today because they only come around once a year.

PS: I used quotes from a recently fired head coach in this article. If you comment below, or tweet at me, or send me an email with the name of that head coach I will give you a prize. Find me on campus today to claim your deserved prize.