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Marquette Offers A Scholarship To 2019 Guard Paul Mulcahy

The Golden Eagles staff took advantage of their trip out east to play Seton Hall.

NCAA Basketball: Seton Hall at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night, Marquette will be in Newark, New Jersey, to play a game against Seton Hall. With the Golden Eagles already in state on Tuesday night for the game, the coaching staff took advantage of their trip and offered a scholarship to New Jersey Class of 2019 guard Paul Mulcahy. Pat Lawless had the news:

Mulcahy is a 6’4”, 186 pound small forward, according to his 247 Sports page, but that’s clearly different than how Lawless described him in the tweet announcing the offer. He attends Gill St. Bernard’s School in Gladstone, New Jersey, which is just 35 miles away from the Prudential Center in Newark. 247 Sports marks him as a three star prospect in their Composite system, and ranks him as the #166 player in the Class of 2019 and the seventh best player in New Jersey. Their internal system is a little bit more enthusiastic about Mulcahy, ranking him #134 in the country. He also has offers from Seton Hall, Xavier, Northwestern, Rutgers, and Virginia Tech amongst others.

Here’s a highlight package from October:

And one from early January:

If you’re looking at the titles on those video packages, you’ve probably noticed something important about Mulcahy already: They list him as a point guard, not a small forward as 247 lists him. If you watch the videos, you’ll see that he appears to be playing as a point guard as well. There’s one final thing. If you watch the second video, the starting lineup announcer says that he’s 6’6”, not 6’4”.

Combine all of that together, and you can see why head coach Steve Wojciechowski is interested in him. Markus Howard currently projects as the only real point guard type player on the roster in the fall of 2019, so the Golden Eagles will definitely need a second option, not to mention a primary option past that year, as Howard will be a senior. Mulcahy is the second point guard that Marquette has offered a scholarship to in the last month, following close on the heels of Maryland standout James Bishop. They’re also involved to some extent with Mark “Rocket” Watts and D.J. Carton for the class of 2019.

Here’s how the Marquette scholarship situation currently projects for the future.

Marquette men’s basketball scholarship chart
Marquette men’s basketball scholarship chart as of 2/7/18

(h/t @MarkKahnWI)