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Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Drops Out Of The Maverik Top 20 Polling

This was one of the more obvious things to happen to Golden Eagles athletics this school year.

Marquette men’s lacrosse

When you beat a top 10 team in overtime, but lose to an unranked team in double overtime two days later, top 20 poll voters are willing to cut you some slack. That’s the lesson that we learned last week with Marquette men’s lacrosse.

When you follow up that with a 12-2 home loss to a team that was earning a few votes, you don’t get any more votes.

That’s the lesson for this week, as Marquette is no longer receiving votes in this week’s Maverik media top 20 poll. The Golden Eagles were ranked #18 last week, but they’re absent from the poll completely now.

The team that stomped on them on Saturday afternoon, Robert Morris, essentially just took Marquette’s spot in the rankings. They’re installed as #17 in the top 20 after floating around in the Receiving Votes area last week. If you’re looking for a silver lining for Marquette relative to their chances of getting some votes back next week, look no further than their next game, as Michigan is unofficially #27 in the country right now.

That silver lining comes with a bit of a very dark outside, though. Marquette’s next two games after the road date against the Wolverines are at home, but they’re against #11 Georgetown and #6 Villanova. Fun, huh? After a “break” against St. John’s, Marquette closes out their schedule with this lineup as three of their final four games: #3 Duke, #4 Notre Dame, and #5 Denver.

At least Marquette will have no shortage of chances for quality wins, I guess.

You can check out the full top 20 right here.