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The Marquette Basketball Offseason Is Here. We Must Find A Way To Destroy It.

Basketball may be done, but the gears keep turning here at AE.

Butler v Marquette Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Well, if Marquette had defeated Penn State last week Tuesday, we’d be publishing a preview of the NIT semifinals today.

They didn’t, so we’re not, and that means we’re officially into the basketball offseason around these parts.

What does that mean for your, our loyal and dedicated readers? Well, first off, it means the basketball content is going to get a little sparse. Coming up after the NCAA national championship game, we’ll start our 2017-18 men’s basketball player review series, and that will carry us through the month of April pretty well. We’ll bring you recruiting and transfer news as it warrants our attention, of course, but that’s a year round type of deal.

If last year is any indication, April will bring with it voting to put the Marquette alumni back into The Basketball Tournament for the third straight year. A glance at the archives from last year also shows that we might start getting a trickle or two of non-conference news for the 2018-19 schedule, too.

Past that, well, here’s the deal:

#1 - The AE Mailbag is coming back!

The mailbag was a pretty big hit last offseason, so it’s coming back for another go-round! We’re going to schedule it for every Wednesday starting next week, April 4th. You can email your questions 24 hours a day to, or fire them off to the official AE Twitter: @AnonymousEagle. If you’re more of a Facebook person, we’ll put up a regular call for questions over there on our page, so keep your eyes peeled. Oh, and go like the page while you’re at it, too.

As always, the questions can be about whatever you want. Marquette hoops, any of MU’s other teams, college sports in general, Marquette in general, college in general, sports in general, generals in sports, movies, favorite methods for scaring away sabretooth tigers, whatever floats your boat!

#2 - Lacrosse is in full swing!

HEY, GO PAY ATTENTION TO MARQUETTE’S LACROSSE TEAMS. The women are 2-0 in Big East action and in a three-way tie for first place with a game against one of the other two teams in the tie coming up this weekend. They’re two games over .500 for the first time in program history and chasing their first ever Big East tournament berth, too. The men’s lacrosse team snapped a three game skid on Saturday by upsetting #18 Georgetown at Valley Fields to move to 1-0 in Big East play and put themselves in a nice starting position for a conference tournament berth as well. You can always use this handy link to keep up to speed on what’s happening with lacrosse.

#3 - Marquette’s other spring sports are looking to challenge for Big East titles, too.

Men’s tennis has five regular season dual matches left before they head to South Carolina for the Big East tournament in late April. Steve Rodecap’s squad has finished as the runner up in the league tournament in each of the past three seasons and will be aiming to snap that streak this time around. Women’s tennis has seven matches left to go before their league tournament kicks off at the same site and dates as the men. MU has been the #5 seed in the past two Big East tournaments and will be looking to improve on that setup this year with a strong showing down the stretch.

Elsewhere, outdoor track and field has begun and both the men and the women will be at least amongst the favorites to win the Big East titles, if not the outright favorites. The conference meet isn’t until May 11th and 12th, but the women have won the last two titles and the men finished 1st in 2016 and 2nd in 2017. Field events will, as always, be the big keys for the Golden Eagles, as they have carried MU to their previous championships.

Men’s golf is looking at picking up their third Big East title in four seasons. The Golden Eagles earned their first ever top 25 ranking earlier this season and while they’re not earning votes from the coaches any longer, they’re sitting at #33 in the Sagarin rankings. Hunter Eichhorn and Austin Kendziorski have been the heavy lifters for MU this season, and with a top 40 ranking, we can’t help but wonder if Marquette’s first ever at-large bid to the NCAA regionals is in the cards.

#4 - FanPosts are always open!

Did you know that you can vent your thoughts and musings about Marquette athletics right here on this very website? It’s true!

Scroll up to the top, and you’ll see “FanPosts” right next to the AE logo. Click on that, then on the next page, click on “New FanPost” underneath the logo. You’re all set to write whatever it is that’s on your mind. Write something pretty good/thoughtful/creative/funny/interesting, and we’ll be happy to share it with the rest of the AE community, too!

#5 - We’re always looking for your feedback!

Is there something that AE could be doing differently to tackle the topics of Marquette/college sports? Is there something that we could be doing better? Is there a topic you’d like to learn more about during the summer months when there’s time to do a little more digging around?

Well, the AE mailbox — — is always open for your commentary about the site. We can’t guarantee that all of your input will get used to improve what we do, but we will read all of it.