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Four New Names Popped Up As Marquette Basketball Continues To Contact 2020 Prospects

Hey, why not go back to the well to see who else that the Golden Eagles have reached out to since Friday?

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Steve Wojciechowski
Wojo, doin’ work in recruiting.

On Saturday, we gave you a rundown of everyone in the class of 2020 that we could track down that the Marquette coaching staff reached out to on the first day of phone contact with that recruiting class.

Well, it’s always possible that news doesn’t quite get out as fast as you might want it to get out, so we dug back in to see if there were any stragglers from during the day on Saturday. It turns out there were, including two familiar names.

Once again, we’ll split these four guys up into “has a scholarship offer” and “does not have an offer.” Here’s the scholarship chart for you to take in as you take a peek at what the coaching staff has been up to lately. MU projects to have four scholarships coming open for the fall of 2020.

Marquette Basketball Scholarship Chart


Nimari Burnett

247 Sports lists Burnett as a 6’3”, 180 pound combo guard hailing from Napa, California. He’s a four-star prospect, and ranks #51 in the country in 247’s Composite system. He already has offers from the likes of California, DePaul, Illinois, and St. John’s.

Jadon Jones

Like a number of gents in our Saturday article, Jones is marked as “N/A” for 247 Sports’ Composite system. That’s because their internal system has him as a three-star prospect and ranked #110 in the country. He’s listed as a 6’5” shooting guard, and hails from Montebello, California, where he attends Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School in the Los Angeles area.


Jamari Sibley

The Golden Eagles offered a scholarship to Sibley in early May amongst a flurry of offers for other guys on the Phenom University club team, including 2020 prospect Reece Beekman and 2021 prospect Patrick Baldwin, Jr. Marquette already had an offer out to Phenom guy and tippy top 2020 prospect Jalen Johnson, so it’s no surprise as to how his teammates ended up on MU’s radar.

For right now, the 6’8”, 200 pound Sibley isn’t on any recruiting rankings, at least according to his 247 Sports page. However, Nicolet High School here in the Milwaukee area is literally on Wojo’s drive to and from work, so it’ll be easy for the Marquette staff to keep tabs on him.

Nico Mannion

I wanted to save Mannion for last because he’s the most unique situation out of this group of four. Officially, for now, Mannion is a member of the class of 2020 due to his age and progression through school. However, he’s planning on reclassifying into the class of 2019, but it appears that until he can show that he has the schoolwork accomplished to officially be done with high school, MU has to continue to treat him as a 2020 prospect.

Marquette extended an offer to Mannion back in May of 2017, and just two weeks ago, the Arizona star included the Golden Eagles in his top 10. (Aside: Utah, Virginia, Nevada, and Vanderbilt are not in the top 10, but still rang him up. Weird!) 247 Sports has Mannion as a five-star prospect in the class of 2020 and ranks him #23 in the country. He’s the second best point guard, trailing only Virginia’s Jeremy Roach, and he’s the second best prospect in Arizona behind Kyree Walker, who is already committed to Arizona State. While Marquette faces an uphill recruiting battle with Duke, Arizona, and Kansas in Mannion’s top 10, I can’t help but wonder if the chance to play with friend of the family Brendan Bailey will give the Golden Eagles an advantage that no one else can offer.