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The Marquette Women’s Basketball All-Time Field Goals Made Chart

Three Golden Eagles will be etching their name into the top 10 as the season progresses

NCAA Womens Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Marquette vs DePaul
How fast will Allazia Blockton accrue the 41 buckets she needs for the all-time record?
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but the off-season can be kind of a drag in terms of interesting topics to talk about. Sure, there’s NBA Summer League, and The Basketball Tournament, and there’s a steady flow of recruiting stuff to keep things interesting.

At some point, though, it’s just not enough.

Luckily, Marquette’s two basketball teams are undergoing a bit of notable success recently, and thus, it’s causing some massive re-writes to the history books. Thus, to fill the time here and there between now and when soccer and volleyball start up in August, we’re going to drop in a few stat charts. These will be updated throughout the upcoming 2018-19 basketball season as necessary to give you an idea as to how close various players are to reaching various plateaus.

We now bring you the fourth in our women’s basketball charts, following along after points, rebounds, and assists. Today, it’s field goals made. In short: Who’s the best at getting buckets.

Much like the points chart, this one will be very important very quickly this season. Allazia Blockton is just 40 baskets away from Julie Sievers’ all-time career program record of 721 made field goals. While it may take Blockton just five, perhaps six games to get there this season, she’s not the only reason to pay attention. Erika Davenport is less than 60 baskets away from the top 12 after averaging 168 per season in her first three years. If she matches that average? She’ll be #4 all time. Natisha Hiedeman isn’t that far off the list, either. With 456 made baskets in her three campaigns for Carolyn Kieger, Hiedeman is on pace to clear the 600 field goal barrier this season, which would push her into the current top 10. Of course, Hiedeman finishing her career in the top 10 will depend on how far past 600 she can go, as Davenport is already 50 buckets ahead of her.

Here’s what the list looks like at the end of the 2021-22 season.

Marquette Women’s Basketball All-Time FG Made Chart

Rank Player FG Made
Rank Player FG Made
1 Allazia Blockton 852
2 Julie Sievers 721
3 Abbie Willenborg 677
4 Natisha Hiedeman 673
5 Krystal Ellis 669
6 Kristen Maskala 649
7 Erika Davenport 644
8 Lisa Oldenburg 638
9 Lauren Van Kleunen 628
10 Christina Quaye 627
11 Christine Kennedy 616
12 Katherine Plouffe 607
13 Angel Robinson 587
14 Heidi Ach 569
15 Tammy Shain 562