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The Basketball Tournament Unveils The 2018 Uniforms

It’s the third year that Marquette has had an alumni team, and it’ll be their third different uniform design. Feels appropriate.

Butler v Marquette Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Late last week, The Basketball Tournament made the official unveilings of the uniforms for the 2018 edition of their summer event. Conveniently for those of us in the sports blog industry, they made nifty videos to highlight the front and back of the unis.

Here’s the video for the four squads in the Big East pod coming up this weekend at the McGuire Center, including YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles alumni team.

Now, that shows the Marquette uniform in blue, but I think it displays best in gold. Here’s what that looks like.

2018 Marquette alumni TBT jersey

I like this an awful lot.

It’s stealing ever so slightly from the Golden State Warriors, which is oddly appropriate for a Marquette alumni team, and it also harkens back to the home uniforms for Marquette from the late 1960s, with the uni number in a blue dot.

This is the third different uniform for the MU alumni team in TBT in as many entries to the tournament. They started out with this in 2016:

Darius Johnson-Odom

This was the look in 2017:

Marquette Golden Eagles

Three years, three unis, zero missteps by TBT’s design crew. Well done all around.

I’d plug in the videos for the rest of the Northeast region, but that’s just going to take up space. If you want to see the kits for everyone else in Marquette’s region, head over here. You can also check out the uniforms for the South region, West region, and Midwest region.

2018’s tournament officially gets started on Friday night with the Spokane Hoopfest hosting a four team West Region pod of alumni teams. The winners of those two games will play again on Saturday, which is when the Big East pod at the McGuire Center kicks off. Jack Attack and Hall In play at 2pm Central, while Golden Eagles and Johnnies play at 4pm and/or after the first game wraps up. The winners of those two games will meet on Sunday afternoon at the McGuire Center starting at 1pm Central. All six games this weekend will be streamed live on ESPN3. As of Wednesday morning, tickets are still available for the Big East pod through the Marquette ticket office.