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The Marquette Women’s Basketball All-Time Scoring Chart

Jordan King is back for a fifth season of eligibility and she’s already into the top 15.

Marquette guard Jordan King
Jordan King is climbing the all-time scoring chart.
Dave Kallmann / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

By now, you should be more than familiar with our series of regularly updating leaderboards for various Marquette Golden Eagles sports accomplishments. Keep checking back to that link in the previous sentence for our charts as the seasons continue to churn through history and MU’s various teams continue to create new memories and accomplishments.

Here, we’re going to talk about the Marquette women’s basketball all-time scoring record as well as those women who have managed to clear 1,000 career points and those who are chasing that tippy top list.

We knew Jordan King was returning for her fifth season of eligibility while her fourth season was still going on. She wrapped up 2022-23 as the #16 scorer in Marquette women’s basketball history. We’re updating this four games into the 2023-24 season, Black Friday morning if you want to be specific about it, and King has already tacked on 36 points to her scoring total. That was enough to jump Amani Wilborn into 15th place.

Yes, this is King’s fifth season of eligibility. Yes, she’s already made 128 appearances in a Marquette uniform as we write this, which means if she plays against Boston College this afternoon, she’ll tie Sarina Simmons and Krystal Ellis for the 10th most games played in a Marquette career. Is it unfair that she gets to keep ascending the list? Maybe, but two things. One: That’s life, and Two: King probably can’t come anywhere near Allazia Blockton’s scoring record.

Jordan King is still, even on the verge of the 10th most games played in program history, nearly 800 points short of Blockton’s career record. King scored a career best 510 points last season. The record is safe, barring King breaking Blockton’s single season scoring record of 648 points and then going sailing beyond past it. Merely hitting the single season scoring record would still get her past Krystal Ellis in second place on the scoring list and make King the second 2,000 point scorer in program history.... but it would also require her to score 150 more points than she scored last season. Could she turn into a 20 point per game scorer and average that for the entire rest of the season? Sure, it’s possible, but given Marquette’s entire style and the other options around her on the floor, I don’t think it’s likely.

Repeating last year’s scoring total would land King just barely short of Natisha Hiedeman and in fourth place on Marquette’s scoring chart. That’s still one hell of a career and one hell of a one year ascent if she goes from 16th to 4th by the time the season ends in the spring.

We’re also going to keep track of where Liza Karlen is on the all-time chart. After averaging 16.3 points in Marquette’s first four games of the season, Karlen has tacked on 65 points to her career total. That brings her up to 794 points in her career. She averaged 10.2 and 11.4 points per game in the last two campaigns, and ultimately landing there in her scoring averages would make Karlen Marquette’s 34th 1,000 point scorer at the end of the year. If she keeps the average north of 16 per game? She could be in the top 25 all-time if that’s what comes together for her.

Here’s the list as it stands after Marquette’s February 24th game against Xavier.

Marquette Women’s Basketball All-Time Scoring Leaders

Rank Player Points
Rank Player Points
1 Allazia Blockton 2,204
2 Krystal Ellis 1,940
3 Natisha Hiedeman 1,913
4 Abbie Willenborg 1,818
5 Julie Sievers 1,759
6 Jordan King 1,754
7 Kristen Maskala 1,745
8 Christina Quaye 1,720
9 Angel Robinson 1,699
10 Lisa Oldenburg 1,655
11 Christine Kennedy 1,609
12 Arlesia Morse 1,577
13 Katherine Plouffe 1,551
14 Lauren Van Kleunen 1,501
15 Erika Davenport 1,494
16 Amani Wilborn 1,409
17 Danielle King 1,388
18 Clare Barnard 1,356
19 Heidi Ach 1,331
20 Kathy Andrykowski 1,308
21 Tammy Shain 1,289
22 Carolyn Kieger 1,277
23 Liza Karlen 1,215
24 Courtney Romeiser 1,204
25 Kerri Reaves 1,203
26 Selena Lott 1,193
27 Beth Ayers 1,176
28 Heidi Bowman 1,135
29 Lori Goerlitz 1,133
30 Chloe Marotta 1,094
31 Danielle Kamm 1,079
32 Sarina Simmons 1,073
33 Kiesha Oliver 1,061
34 Kerri Christianson 1,002