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The Basketball Tournament 2018: South Region & West Region Play-In Games Viewing Guide

TBT is BACK, baybay!

Duke v Gonzaga
Byron Wesley is slated to play for Kimchi Express tonight.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

One of my favorite things about The Basketball Tournament is their complete lack of fear when it comes to trying something new. A few years ago, they had a Super 17 instead of a Super 16. Last year, they had the Jamboree using the Elam Ending. This year, every game has the Elam Ending.

To that end, this year also has play-in games for the right to go up against both the #1 and #2 seeds in each region. For the South and West regions, those games are TONIGHT!

Sadly, the South region games will apparently not be televised on WatchESPN/ESPN3. While the main draw will be played at VCU’s arena starting on Saturday, these opening two games will be 14 miles down the road at Benedictine College Prep on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia. It’s not that surprising to find out that a small private high school gym isn’t 100% ready for an ESPN production, so we’ll just have to go without a visual of the squads that will advance to face Overseas Elite and Ram Nation on Saturday.

For you Central Time Zone night owls out there, both of the West Region play-in games will be streamed on WatchESPN live from California State University in Los Angeles. In the first game, Kimchi Express and Dubois Dream square off for the right to play #2 seed Team Colorado on Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, top seeded Team Challenge ALS, last year’s runner-up, awaits for the winner of Utah Valor and Fort Hood Wounded Warriors. There might not be a lot of recognizable names on these rosters, but all that means it that these guys might just be a little bit hungrier for that $2 million cash prize.

All times Central

South Region

6pm: #16 Rock City Scorchers vs #17 ABC2
7:50pm: #15 Tampa 20/20 vs #18 Cancer +1

West Region (WatchESPN)

9pm: #15 Kimchi Express vs #18 Dubois Dream
10:50pm: #16 Utah Valor vs #17 Fort Hood Wounded Warriors