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The Marquette Men’s Basketball All-Time Scoring Chart

Welcome to the Markus Howard show.

Big East Basketball Tournament - Semifinals Photo by Porter Binks/Getty Images

Welcome to Year 2 of the Marquette men’s basketball all-time scoring chart here on Anonymous Eagle.

In 2019-20, we’ll exclusively be watching what Markus Howard does.

The drama will quickly leak out of the fun here, I should point out.

Howard finished his junior year with 1,955 points, more than all but one former Marquette player. That player is Jerel McNeal, who finished his career with 1,985 points.

Yes, that is a 30 point difference. Yes, Howard averaged 25 points per game last year. Yes, Howard is averaging just barely under 20 points per game in a Marquette uniform. Yes, that means that if he stays on pace, he’ll break McNeal’s record in game #2 of the 2019-20 season, and it’s not unreasonable to think that he might do it in game #1. Yes, that means that he’s on pace become the first Marquette men’s basketball player to score 2,000 points at some point in game #3 of the season which, as luck would have it, is on the road against Wisconsin. Yes, that means he’s on pace to pass Allazia Blockton’s women’s basketball scoring record of 2,204 points at some point in game #13, which will be the Big East opener.

Yes, he will still have a guaranteed 18 games left to play after that: 17 regular season Big East games and one Big East tournament game. Pretty much any number you want to throw out between 2,600 and 2,800 as where Howard lands for his career is a solid guess. Remember: His junior year average of 25.0 points per game and his total of 851 points are both Marquette single season records. He beat out Tony Smith in 1989-90 by 1.2 points per game for the average. Howard wrecked Andrew Rowsey’s single season total of 716 by 135 points.

As such, it’s not likely that he resets either record in 2019-20. If you add Howard’s 851 as a junior to his total of 1,955, you get 2,806 career points. Barring Howard going completely supernova for an entire season, I don’t think he has any chance at 3,000 points because quite honestly, 2,900 would be crazy impressive from where he currently stands.

And that’s it for what we’re watching. Marquette’s current second most prolific active scorer is Sacar Anim with 569 career points. It’s not impossible that he puts up another 450 as a senior. Someone has to score this season, and since we have no idea who it’s going to be right now, it absolutely could be Anim. However, we’ve only seen a Marquette player score 450 points in a season 32 times since 1992-93. That’s a little bit more than once per season, and if we take for granted that Howard is going to get there..... seems like that’s not good news for Anim. So the odds are both for and against Anim doing exactly that this coming season. We’ll keep an eye on it as the season gets underway, but keep this in mind: He’ll have to average 13 points per game or so.

If Anim does get there, he will be the 51st 1,000 point scorer in Marquette history. If.

IN SEASON UPDATE! I went ahead and pulled the trigger on Sacar Anim on the list. Heading into the Central Arkansas game, Anim is averaging 12.6 points per game, which puts him on pace for 960 career points by the time MU finishes their guaranteed Big East tournament game. Anim has scored at least the required 13 points in each of Marquette’s last five games, so it seems like he’s getting himself on track to get to 1,000 by the time the season ends.

Here’s what the list looks after COVID-19 ended the 2019-20 season.

Marquette Men’s Basketball All-Time Scoring Chart

Rank Player Points
Rank Player Points
1 Markus Howard 2,761
2 Jerel McNeal 1,985
3 Lazar Hayward 1,859
4 George Thompson 1,773
5 Dominic James 1,749
6 Butch Lee 1,735
7 Travis Diener 1,691
8 Brian Wardle 1,690
9 Tony Smith 1,688
10 Wesley Matthews 1,673
11 Bo Ellis 1,663
12 Darius Johnson-Odom 1,649
13 Damon Key 1,647
14 Dean Meminger 1,637
15 Trevor Powell 1,571
16 Steve Novak 1,567
17 Don Kojis 1,504
18 Bob Wolf 1,479
19 Roney Eford 1,471
20 Aaron Hutchins 1,439
21 Mike Moran 1,355
22 Russ Wittberger 1,353
23 Cordell Henry 1,347
24 Ron Glaser 1,330
25 Terry Rand 1,309
26 Michael Wilson 1,299
27 Davante Gardner 1,287
28 Tom Flynn 1,282
29 Sam Hauser 1,282
30 Dwyane Wade 1,281
31 Jim McIlvaine 1,278
32 Jimmy Butler 1,277
33 Anthony Pieper 1,234
34 Doc Rivers 1,234
35 Earl Tatum 1,234
36 Oliver Lee 1,227
37 Kerry Trotter 1,221
38 Robb Logterman 1,201
39 Bernard Toone 1,103
40 Andrew Rowsey 1,087
41 Scott Merritt 1,049
42 Jae Crowder 1,049
43 Chris Crawford 1,048
44 Rube Schulz 1,042
45 Ron Curry 1,040
46 Dwayne Johnson 1,027
47 Tony Miller 1,027
48 Luke Fischer 1,014
49 Jajuan Johnson 1,013
50 Lloyd Walton 1,006
NR Sacar Anim 962