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Class Of 2019 Prospect Keimari Rimmer Has Marquette In Her Final Two

It looks like she’s going to be playing in the Big East one way or another.

Carolyn Kieger
Head coach Carolyn Kieger has a lot of work in front of her in order to restock her roster for the fall of 2019.

It seems that every soon-to-be high school senior is edging closer to ending their college recruitment, and that means trimming their recruiting lists. In this case, it’s Class of 2019 prospect Keimari Rimmer including Marquette women’s basketball in her final two schools. Rimmer will be choosing between Marquette and DePaul, MU’s Big East rival just 90 minutes south on I-94.

From what I can tell, Rimmer has had an offer from Marquette since this past November, even if we didn’t touch on it here on AE until back in May. Rimmer is a 5’11” forward, and from the looks of things, she can impact a game on a number of levels. As a junior, she averaged 17.8 points, 7.2 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and 4.8 steals. I’m going to say it again, because it’s kind of bonkers: Keimari Rimmer averaged nearly five STEALS per game. I don’t know if that kind of ability translates to the Division 1 level because of the increased velocity of the game, but I think it’s clear that someone who can generate steals seemingly at will can fit in just fine in Carolyn Kieger’s team structure.

Of course, the same can be said for Doug Bruno’s structure at DePaul, given that the Blue Demons finished last year ranked #25 in the country in tempo, according to Her Hoop Stats. The basketball part of things is going to be relatively similar for Rimmer. She’s deciding which side of an up-tempo rivalry atop the Big East standings she wants to be on. She can’t really make a wrong choice.

Perhaps the thing that fascinates me the most about Rimmer is that scouting reports all have her listed at the top of the page, but she’s still getting it done. Take last year’s Illinois Class 4A regional finals. Proviso East lost 48-45, but Rimmer scored 19 of those 45 points, and she did it on 8-of-16 shooting, with a 3-for-8 mark from long range. Everyone knows she’s the one to stop AND they know that she can single handedly drive her team’s offense. She still gets it done, and relatively efficiently, too.

2019 will be a big recruiting class for Kieger and her staff. Marquette projects to have five senior starters for 2018-19, and all five of them will finish their eligibility with at least 1,000 points. Replacing that kind of production is going to be hard, replacing the minutes that the seniors will play this season will be even harder. MU already has two verbal commitments for 2019 in Destiny Strother and Jordan King, but they still have six scholarships available for this recruiting class. Kieger has a lot of irons in the fire, as there are three top 70 prospects that recently included MU in their cutdown lists. MU has the space for all three of them and Rimmer, so we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out between now and the fall signing period in November.

Here’s what the scholarship situation looks like right now.

Marquette women’s basketball scholarship chart