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Marquette Men’s Basketball Offers A Scholarship To 2021 Milwaukee Prospect Michael Foster

It’s probably a good idea to offer a scholarship to a guy from your city who’s already ranked in the top five in the country.

Butler v Marquette Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It turns out that the fall of 2021 continues to be closer than you think. It’s more than three years away, but Marquette head coach Steve Wojciechowski and his staff are already thinking about recruiting for that class. In fact, they’re doing more than thinking about it, as they recently offered a scholarship to Milwaukee prospect Michael Foster.

First, let’s deal with some facts. Foster is a 6’9”, 220 pound power forward, at least according to his 247 Sports page. We have to focus on that for a second, because Foster is the same height and weight as redshirt freshman Ike Eke, except Foster is going to be starting his second year of high school in the fall, not his second year of college like Eke. As you can expect with that kind of physical development at that age, Foster is highly regarded in basketball recruiting circles. 247 Sports’ Composite system ranks him as the #3 player in the country and the #1 power forward. Their internal system has Foster at #4 and #2 respectively. To provide further context on that, the Composite system is only ranking 29 players for 2021 right now and the internal system only goes out to 15.

Somewhat impressively, two of the three best players in the country in the Composite rankings are both from the Milwaukee area. Foster attends Milwaukee Washington High School, while Patrick Baldwin, Jr., 247’s #2 player in the country, attends Sussex Hamilton High School. Toss in 2020’s Jalen Johnson (#6 in the country in his class) transferring to Nicolet High School in Glendale, and the Milwaukee prep scene is going to be pretty wild for the next few years.

Speaking of “pretty wild,” that phrase could be used to describe Foster’s recruiting process so far. After making an unofficial visit to Arizona State in mid-December 2017, Foster made a verbal commitment to play for the Sun Devils and head coach Bobby Hurley just two days later. As these wildly early commitments tend to go, Foster ended up withdrawing that pledge in late June 2018. It’s not that he has blue bloods knocking down his door right now, as 247 Sports lists LSU and Texas A&M alongside the Sun Devils as Foster’s only other high major offers right now. Both LSU and TAMU have offered Foster a scholarship since he re-opened his recruitment, so we’re probably a long ways off from this story coming to anything resembling an end.

Here’s a three minute highlight reel for Foster that was published back in March.

Here’s a neat example of how wild it is that Marquette offered Foster a scholarship: If he were to attend MU, the seniors during his freshman year are the three guys on MU’s roster right now who have never played in a game: Brendan Bailey, Ike Eke, and Joey Hauser. Kinda whacky when you think about it.

Here’s what the scholarship picture looks like right now.

Marquette Basketball Scholarship Chart