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Your College Football Saturday Viewing Guide: September 1, 2018

Let’s revel in the first Saturday of the college football season, even if it’s not a super strong slate of games.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Wake Forest
Go Cards.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

A big AE “Welcome back” to the single stupidest sport on God’s green earth: college football.

Stupid in a good way, though. Well, mostly good.

It’s the absurdity of college football that I enjoy the most. This is a sport where the MAC can publish this video:

and the general reaction is “yep, that’s a great way to look at the MAC.” It’s a conference that is celebrated across the country for its ridiculously fun games that, if we’re being honest about things, have (almost) absolutely zero bearing on the College Football Playoff.

And that’s fine! It’s fun! Enjoy the fun!

There is, of course, the aspect of college football that we as Marquette fans do not like. The fact of the matter is that college football destroyed the best college basketball conference ever assembled. Period. Full stop. As such, we here at Anonymous Eagle shall spend the 2018 season doing what we normally do: Cheering for the absolute ruination of the completely fake College Football Playoff. Remember: The NCAA does not name a champion for Division 1 FBS football. The CFP champ gets this trophy while every other college sports champion gets this trophy. See the difference? The CFP is a fake championship.

Thus, we’re cheering for the top five teams in the Associated Press poll, and later the CFP rankings to lose each and every week. Today, that means cheering for Oregon State against #5 Ohio State, Austin Peay against #3 Georgia, and Louisville against #1 Alabama. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not holding out strong hopes for any of those.

Because we’re not maniacs, we’re also cheering for #14 Michigan against #12 Notre Dame in the second best game of the day. The honor of Best Game Of The Day goes to #6 Washington taking on #9 Auburn. I don’t particularly care who ends up winning that one, but there’s a strong chance we’ll be cheering against the winner next week.

Keep your eyes on #23 Texas and #22 Boise State today, as both teams are playing on the road. They’re probably both favored to win, but it’s a road game and weird things happen.

Here’s your slate of nationally televised games today! BE ADVISED: Big Ten Network and SEC Network are running regional coverage at a couple of points during the day. Enjoy.

College Football Viewing Guide: 9/1/18

Time (CT) Game TV
Time (CT) Game TV
11:00 AM Oregon State at #5 Ohio State ABC
Florida Atlantic at #7 Oklahoma Fox
#23 Texas at Maryland FS1
Kent State at Illinois Big Ten Network**
Texas State at Rutgers Big Ten Network**
Coastal Carolina at South Carolina SEC Network
Ole Miss at Texas Tech ESPN
James Madison at NC State ESPNU
Villanova at Temple ESPN News
Houston at Rice CBS Sports Network
2:30 PM Austin Peay at #3 Georgia ESPN
#6 Washington vs #9 Auburn ABC
Appalachian State at Penn State Big Ten Network**
Tennessee vs #17 West Virginia CBS
Central Michigan at Kentucky ESPNU
Northern Illinois at Iowa Big Ten Network**
Washington State at Wyoming CBS Sports Network
3:00 PM North Carolina at California Fox
UT Martin at Missouri SEC Network**
Eastern Illinois at Arkansas SEC Network**
5:00 PM #22 Boise State at Troy ESPN News
6:00 PM Cincinnati at UCLA ESPN
Indiana at Florida International CBS Sports Network
6:30 PM #14 Michigan at #12 Notre Dame NBC
Stephen F. Austin at #18 Mississippi State ESPNU
Charleston Southern at Florida SEC Network**
Middle Tennessee at Vanderbilt SEC Network**
7:00 PM Louisville vs #1 Alabama ABC
Akron at Nebraska Fox
9:30 PM UT San Antonio at Arizona State FS1
9:45 PM BYU at Arizona ESPN
10:00 PM Navy at Hawaii CBS Sports Network