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Marquette Volleyball Holds Steady At #21 In Newest AVCA Top 25 Poll

That’s three straight weeks as a ranked team and two straight weeks at the highest ranking in program history.

Madeline Mosher and Elizabeth Orf
You know what’s fun? Being ranked for three weeks in a row.

There was a certain amount of finger crossing going on after #21 Marquette volleyball lost at home to #6 Wisconsin on Friday night. Losing to the #6 team in the country, even at home, shouldn’t be enough to drop you out of the poll, but you never can tell what the voters are thinking.

With that in mind, it’s high fives all around after the AVCA released the latest top 25 poll on Monday afternoon, and Marquette held steady as the #21 team in the country.

Now, to be clear, Marquette did earn fewer points than last week. They went from 427 points a week ago to just 381 points this week. That’s not ideal, but perhaps it’s just some voters putting MU lower in the poll as opposed to voters putting them out of the poll altogether.

You get a better picture of what’s going on in the poll when you look at the teams around Marquette. Last week, it was Kentucky at #20 with 455 points and Washington State at #22 with 332 points. This week, it’s the same two teams, but they now have 447 and 207 points respectively. This may just be a sign of the poll coalescing towards the top with a clarified order to teams than it is voters docking MU for taking on their third loss of the season.

That idea about coalescing starts to make a little more sense when you look at the other Marquette opponents in the top 25. Check it out:

BYU: stayed at #1; went from 54 first place votes to 58
Wisconsin: stayed at #6
Creighton: stayed at #10
USC: Up two spots from T-#16 to #14
Baylor: Down one spot from #18 to #19

On top of that, there are no new teams in the top 25 this week. All 25 from last week stayed in the rankings. Kansas State (46 points) and Northern Iowa (11 points) are both on Marquette’s schedule as well this season, but they’re still down in the receiving votes department.

Marquette returns to action on Friday night when they’ll be out east to visit Providence to kick off Big East action. For the third straight week, Marquette will face a top 10 team, as MU will visit #10 Creighton on Sunday afternoon.

You can check out the full top 25 right here.