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Marquette Women’s Soccer Falls to Colorado

Maddy Henry forced to play hero ball again with 11 saves

Jamie Kutey
Jamie Kutey put Marquette on the board first, but the Golden Eagles couldn’t hold on.

Junior keeper Maddy Henry’s 11 (!) saves weren’t enough to stymie the Colorado attack and the Golden Eagles fell at home last night, 2-1. If you’ve been paying attention all season, I’m sure you’re aware of this, but MU is still winless in 2018 with an unfortunate 0-5-1 record.

They have really lost every which way now. Last night an unlucky own goal off a midfield free kick by CU keeper Jalen Tompkins in the 69th minute (not nice) was the difference between taking a step forward and losing for the 5th time in a row. Sure they also gave up a goal in the 85th minute reminiscent of their game against Michigan where they also surrendered a lead. But I don’t wan’t to think about that right now. A homecoming was not the answer to Marquette’s woes so far this season.

Jamie Kutey scored in the 47th minute to hype up the crowd at Valley Fields Thursday night. For a second, I thought this might be the game that the Golden Eagles finally put it all together and get a W. But it was too much to ask for as they couldn’t catch a break. It also didn’t help that they were outshot 20-15 and only recorded 5 shots on target compared to the Buffalo’s 13. That’s really inexcusable defensively to put that much pressure on Henry. As great as she was on Thursday night, making diving saves all over the place, she can’t stop EVERYTHING.

Offensively, I applaud Kutey for sticking her nose in there and getting her first goal in about a calendar year. It was also the first for MU since the Michigan game on August 23, and the first one the year for anyone not named Carrie Madden. You just have to create more quality chances because five shots on goal with zero corner kicks in the match just tells you the whole story. Madden has been struggling with injury lately but played nearly two-thirds of the contest and recorded one shot from a midfielder assignment. Freshman Katrina Wetherell led the Golden Eagles with 5 shots but only one on target. The Golden Eagles are stuck in neutral while on a steep downhill slope and the driver needs to wake up soon and figure out what in the heavens is going on.

The driver in this depressing analogy is coach Markus Roeders. Here’s what he had to say after the loss:

Very concerning, I know. He referenced a few things: not playing the full 90 minutes, the tough schedule, and indicated they are better than their record. While the last one may be true, facts are facts. They have been outplayed in every game this season and Roeders is probably regretting scheduling such difficult opponents right about midway through last weekend. Not only that, but we’re six games in and it’s clear the defense wasn’t as good as we (I) thought it would be. You would have thought with a back line of returning starters they’d be able to protect Henry better.

It’s not all the defense, however, as the attack hasn’t provided much support either. The only constant this year seems to be Maddy Henry. And well, that’s not going to be good enough if the Golden Eagles want to start racking up some wins. MU has three games left in non-conference to figure out how to put it all together and hopefully hit gear six before their Big East opener against #22 ranked Butler. They’ll travel to good ‘ole Iowa to play Drake on Sunday.