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Marquette Women’s Basketball Sets New High In Associated Press Top 25 Poll

I don’t know how much further they can move up, but it sure is fun when they do

Marquette women’s basketball head coach Carolyn Kieger
This is the look of a coach that has her team rising in the rankings with their All-American on the bench with an injury.

After smashing Villanova on Friday and fending off Georgetown on Sunday, Marquette women’s basketball is 5-0 in Big East play and 14-3 overall. As a reward for their five game winning streak, the Associated Press Top 25 voters have collectively elevated the Golden Eagles to be ranked #14 in the country this week. As was the case last week when they were ranked #15, this is now the highest ever ranking in program history.

Marquette earned 352 points in this week’s poll. That’s not all that far from #13 Gonzaga with 369 points, but pretty far away from #15 South Carolina at 273 points. Adam Minichino (Columbus (MS) Commercial Dispatch) continues to be Marquette’s biggest supporter this week, keeping the Golden Eagles at #12 in the country. Most of MU’s votes fall into the #13 and #14 spots, with a few stragglers down from there and Roger Cleveland of the Waterbury (CT) Republican-American off with Marquette down at #20.

Notre Dame maintain their #1 ranking in both the AP Poll and the list of ranked Marquette opponents after beating now-#4 Louisville this past week. Mississippi State also stayed steady, holding at #7. DePaul is back in the poll at #24 to round out the ranked foes. Butler turns up in the receiving votes department with 20 points, and that’s that.

Marquette returns to action on Friday morning when they host Seton Hall and a whole mess of Milwaukee Public School kids at the Al McGuire Center. Tipoff is set for 11:30am, and the game will be streamed on the Big East Digital Network.

You can check out the entire poll and each individual ballot right here.