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The Marquette Men’s Basketball Freshman Year Three-Pointers Made Chart

You’re never going to believe this, but Joey Hauser is worth watching.

NCAA Basketball: Marquette at Georgetown
Shooters gotta shoot.
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Over the summer, we put together a few stat charts for Marquette men’s and women’s basketball that we’ve been updating as each game goes by. The nature of having incredibly talented and prolific players has created a situation where the record books are nearly constantly being rewritten, and keeping track of those rewrites is fun.

Since we’ve passed the first of the year, it’s officially the part of the basketball calendar where we can start looking at single season records. Thus, we’re going to be adding to those stat charts with the single season marks and top 10s that are most in danger of changing at this point.

This time around, we take a look at the freshman year three-pointers made top 10.

To the surprise of no one, Markus Howard, Sam Hauser, Travis Diener, and Steve Novak are the four most prolific freshman three-point shooters in Marquette history. If I had made you guess, those are the four you would have guessed. I don’t think that anyone ever thought that Travis Diener’s old freshman year record of 57 triples was completely safe, especially after Steve Novak came just two short the very next year. What was unexpected was two freshmen breaking it in the very same year, and one of them sailing TWENTY-FIVE buckets past it. Markus Howard’s current record of 82 may be completely unassailable, particularly since he shot 55% to get it. What are the chances of a future Marquette freshman getting the green light to shoot 200 threes in a season, which is what you would need while shooting even 40%? That would put them in the top six for long range attempts in a season amongst all MU players, and that seems really unlikely.

Turning to Joey Hauser, he’s currently averaging 1.3 made threes per game which should be more than enough to get him past Dominic James in 10th place all-time for freshmen by season’s end. The back end of the top 10 is pretty well clustered together, so if Hauser starts getting a few more attempts per game in — and he should since he’s shooting 43% — it wouldn’t be surprising to see Hauser get past Duane Wilson in the #6 spot. An extended Marquette postseason run would be a big boon as well. Hauser is on pace to get to 40 makes by the end of the regular season, so anything more than the guaranteed one Big East tournament game for the Golden Eagles could send him shooting up the list pretty quickly.

Here’s what the chart looks like at the end of the 2018-19 season.

Marquette Men’s Basketball Freshman Year Three-Pointers Made Chart

Rank Player Year 3PT Made
Rank Player Year 3PT Made
1 Markus Howard 2017 82
2 Sam Hauser 2017 63
3 Travis Diener 2002 57
4 Steve Novak 2003 55
5 Robb Logterman 1991 54
6 Duane Wilson 2015 49
7 David Cubillan 2007 48
8 Brian Wardle 1998 46
9 Joey Hauser 2019 45
10 Mark Anglavar 1988 43
11 Dominic James 2006 41