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The Marquette Men’s Basketball Sophomore Year Blocks Chart

Theo John is a good shot blocking man.

NCAA Basketball: North Dakota at Marquette
Blocking shots is fun.
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Over the summer, we put together a few stat charts for Marquette men’s and women’s basketball that we’ve been updating as each game goes by. The nature of having incredibly talented and prolific players has created a situation where the record books are nearly constantly being rewritten, and keeping track of those rewrites is fun.

Since we’ve passed the first of the year, it’s officially the part of the basketball calendar where we can start looking at single season records. Thus, we’re going to be adding to those stat charts with the single season marks and top 10s that are most in danger of changing at this point.

In this article, we’re going to chat about the guys who had the most blocks during their sophomore year at Marquette.

Two of Marquette’s all time 10 best blocked shot seasons currently reside in the sophomore year top 10. Jim McIlvaine’s sophomore year record of 86 swats is currently the third most blocks in any MU season, while Chris Otule’s 55 is the 10th best blocks season on record. Even with that being the case, there’s some familiar names here in the top 10, or at least they’re familiar if you’ve already read our rundown on the all-time top 10.

With 19 games on the books already in 2018-19 as of this writing, Theo John’s 40 blocks are already the fifth most blocks by a Marquette sophomore. That’s wild. It will probably not surprise you to find out that he’s not going to come close to Mac’s record. John’s season long average is also his Big East game average, so he’s directly on pace to go flying past Otule, Luke Fischer, and Jamil Wilson and land on 65 blocks by the time the regular season ends. 70 is easily within swatting distance if Marquette puts together a respectable postseason run, but that’s pretty much about as far as John can get this season.

Here’s how the chart looks at the end of the 2018-19 season.

Marquette Men’s Basketball Sophomore Year Blocks Chart

Rank Player Year Blocks
Rank Player Year Blocks
1 Jim McIlvaine 1992 86
2 Theo John 2019 70
3 Chris Otule 2011 55
4 Luke Fischer 2015 53
5 Jamil Wilson 2012 47
6 Dwyane Wade 2002 36
7 Amal McCaskill 1994 32
8 Trevor Powell 1989 32
9 Faisal Abraham 1995 30
10 Scott Merritt 2002 27
11 Ron Curry 1991 22
12 Dwayne Johnson 1983 22