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The Marquette Women’s Lacrosse All-Time Draw Controls Chart

Ellie Henry will be our exclusive focus in 2022.

Ellie Henry

By now, you should be more than familiar with our series of regularly updating leaderboards for various Marquette Golden Eagles sports accomplishments. Keep checking back to that link in the previous sentence for our charts as the seasons continue to churn through history and MU’s various teams continue to create new memories and accomplishments.

We’re going to look at the women’s lacrosse record book for draw controls in this one.

Somehow, Grace Gabriel’s record of 332 career draw controls looks bigger and bigger every year. One of those “no one’s coming near it” things, where if no one is chasing after it closely, then it’s hard to believe that anyone is going to come close any time soon. Emily Cooper wrapped up her Marquette career last spring with 187 controls, more than anyone else in program history except for Gabriel, and Cooper was still 145 away. She needed 78% more draw controls to pass Gabriel! Three-quarters of her entire career extra on top of it!

That’s wild.

As for this year, we know we should keep an eye on Ellie Henry this season when it comes to draw controls. She’s the only active player in the top 10 with 69 draws controlled. The 5’10” Minnesotan was third on the team last season with 23, and she is the top returning player in the category.

Henry would appear to have the inside track on taking draws for the Golden Eagles this season given her level of experience and success over her three previous seasons. But I expected a bigger year from her in 2021 after averaging 4.4 DCs per game. It’s not surprising that Emily Cooper and Erin Dowdle (#4 all time now) monopolized things at the dot last season, but only 23 was a step backwards.

With that in mind and the possibility that head coach Meredith Black may need Henry starting on defense and thus not taking draws at all, it’s possible that Henry may have stalled out in eight place. Claire Costanza is 15 away in seventh place, and if the Golden Eagles go in a different direction at the position this spring, I don’t know if Henry even moves up one spot this year.

Hayley Baas is in 10th place with 58, and if a new name ends up taking a heavy majority of the draws this year, they could easily catch her. Cooper posted 96 draw controls to lead the team last season, and the 147 between Cooper and Dowdle are going to have to come from somewhere. Add in two extra draw controls per game because the NCAA is switching to quarters, and there’s a lot more opportunity to get into the top 10 for someone.

In Season Update! Mary Blee has grabbed at least three draw controls in every game so far this season. That gives her 35 for her career now. Sure, she needs to nearly double that to catch Hayley Baas for 10th place all time, but just three per game — Blee is actually averaging over four per game — would be enough to catch Baas by the end of the regular season.

In Season Update! [3/23] Emma Soccodato has at least one draw control in every game this season, only one with less than two, and only two with less than three. She had seven against Oregon to bump her up to 36 on the year and 38 in her career. This is her third season with Marquette, so she’ll have at least one more campaign with the Golden Eagles and thus it seems likely for her to get into the top 10 at some point. Addendum [4/25]: That point was on April 24th against Georgetown.

Here’s the full chart at the end of the 2022 season.

Marquette Women’s Lacrosse All-Time Draw Controls Chart

Rank Player Draw Controls
Rank Player Draw Controls
1 Grace Gabriel 332
2 Emily Cooper 187
3 Allison Lane 183
4 Ellie Henry 156
5 Erin Dowdle 126
6 Julianna Shearer 104
7 Lindsey Willcocks 96
8 Mary Blee 86
9 Claire Costanza 84
10 Emma Soccodato 66
NR Josie Kropp 45