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A (Probably Incomplete) List Of Recruits Attending Marquette Madness 2019

It’s up to one side or another to tell someone who can talk about it for us to know, so who knows who is actually there.

2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival And Daytime Stage
T-Pain is performing at Madness tonight. Neat.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hello, and welcome to Marquette Madness Friday for the year 2019.

It’s the official start to the 2019-20 college basketball season for the Marquette students, but an unofficial start for everyone else. The team has already been practicing for a while now, and the event is closed to everyone except for students, so the rest of us all have to just mark our own start to the season however we see fit.

In any case, while the various contests and events and performance by T-Pain is interesting to varying degrees, the most interesting part of Marquette Madness is finding out what recruits are visiting the McGuire Center for the event. I want to warn you: This is likely an incomplete list. If someone on either the Marquette side or the prospect side doesn’t publicize what they’re doing, then we don’t find out about it. Also: this is the best information that we have as of Friday morning. I’ll try to add to the list if more names pop up as the day goes on, but we’ll see what happens.

I’ll say right off the bat that I can’t track down any women’s basketball recruits, and I’m slightly annoyed about it. I’m sure Megan Duffy has prospects coming in, so the annoyance comes in terms of the lack of information. That’s a regular situation when it comes to WBB recruiting, so it is what it is, I guess.

So here we go.

UPDATE! [12:40pm, 10/4/19] As expected, there’s more names to know. More importantly, some of the names to know are on official visits.

So, here’s the two notes to see, first news from Fox Sports Big East insider Evan Daniels, then a clarifier from the always omnipresent John Steppe:

First things first: Osa Ighodaro is one of Marquette’s two commitments for the Class of 2020. This is basically inviting your cool uncle over for Thanksgiving dinner that the rest of the family is already attending.

Let’s knock out the unofficial visits that weren’t in the original article first before we dig into the official visits.

Treyton Thompson is a 6’11”, 190 pound power forward in the class of 2021. He attends La Lumiere School in Indiana. He is currently ranked #81 in his recruiting class by the 247 Sports Composite system.

Jeremy Sochan is Thompson’s teammate and classmate at La Lumiere. 247 Sports says he’s a 6’7”, 205 pound small forward. He’s not in the Composite system over there yet, but their internal system as him as the #62 player in the Class of 2021.

Onwards to the official visits, which are a whole thing.

Micawber Etienne

Etienne is a 6’10”, 220 pound center who attends Suffield Academy in Connecticut. When Marquette offered Etienne a scholarship back on June 15th, the first day that the staff could contact Class of 2021 prospects like him, Etienne didn’t have much in the way of helpful information on his 247 Sports page. Now? Well, he’s the #67 player in the country in the Class of 2021, which makes him a four-star prospect and the #11 center in the class. He is a junior, which means 1) he’s making smart use of his five allowed junior year official visits and 2) he’s not necessarily anywhere close to making a decision, official visit or not.

Unfortunately, there still doesn’t appear to be much in the way of useful video of Etienne on YouTube or elsewhere for me to link or embed for you. He’s very popular all over the country, with offers listed from Connecticut, Pitt, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John’s, Syracuse, and Xavier.

DaRon Holmes

Like Etienne, Holmes is a Class of 2021 prospect, so this is just smart use of one of his five junior year official visits. Marquette offered Holmes a scholarship back in late June of this year. It looks like this past summer was not particularly kind to Holmes in terms of national rankings and so forth, as he’s dipped from #49 according to the 247 Sports Composite system in the summer to #119 right now. He’s still a four-star prospect, so there’s really not a lot of difference in those rankings, honestly. 247’s internal system has him at #40 in the country, so it seems there’s just a wee bit of variance here.

Holmes is a 6’8”, 195 pound power forward out of Arizona. Here’s a scouting report that I tracked down on him over the summer:

A versatile 6-9 forward that can do a bit of everything is a major asset to a college basketball program. At the high school level, the same player is borderline unfair. As you might expect, Holmes ticks all the big man boxes with 19.4 points, 10.7 rebounds and an eye-popping 4.2 blocks per game. And he can pass out of inevitable double teams (3.2 assists a contest) and has quick hands, with nearly two steals a night. Only a sophomore, he needs only to make small tweaks to his game and add some lean muscle mass. Holmes’ ceiling is vaulted.

“Large versatile forward” definitely fits the bill of the kind of guy that MU head coach Steve Wojciechowski has been targeting lately in recruiting. Holmes has offers from Arizona and USC in terms of places a little bit closer to his home in the Phoenix area, plus Texas Tech and Vanderbilt.

We now return you to your originally published visiting recruits list.

Tyrese Hunter

Hunter is a 6’0”, 160 pound point guard from Racine, Wisconsin. He’s in the Class of 2021, and 247 Sports has him ranked #101 in the country right now.

Max Nelson

According to 247 Sports, Nelson is a 6’8”, 190 pound power forward from Appleton, Wisconsin. No ratings or rankings from 247 yet, but they’re also only ranking 2022 prospects out to #67 in the country right now.

Andrew Alia, Leon Bond, Steven Clay, Danilo Jovanovich, Jack Rose, and Seth Trimble

These are all 2022 prospects, so know ahead of time that there are no ratings or rankings from 247 Sports for any of them.

Leon Bond is a 6’4”, 180 pound small forward from the Milwaukee area.

Steven Clay is a 6’4”, 165 pound small forward from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Jack Rose is a 6’3”, 165 pound shooting guard from Salem, Wisconsin.

Seth Trimble is a 5’10”, 155 pound point guard from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Alia and Jovanovich do not have 247 Sports pages. Wisconsin Sports Network lists Alia as a 6’2” wing, while they have Jovanovich as a 6’4” wing.

Kobe Johnson, Ben Nau, Brandin Podziemski and Foster Wonders

Kobe Johnson is the most notable name here as the younger brother of 2020 top prospect Jalen Johnson. He’s a 6’3”, 170 pound point guard who attends Nicolet High School in the northern Milwaukee suburbs. 247’s Composite rankings for 2021 go out to #241 in the country right now, and Johnson isn’t in there.

Ben Nau is a 6’1”, 155 pound point guard from Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Foster Wonders is a 6’5”, 190 pound small forward from Iron Mountain, Michigan.

Brandin Podziemski does not have a 247 Sports page, but MaxPreps lists him as a 6’4”, 184 pound guard. I’m kind of impressed that he’s making the visit from SJMA, but I’m also not completely aware of what their off-campus policies are.

Jeffery Brazziel

Brazziel is a 6’4”, 170 pound small forward in the Class of 2022 from Milwaukee, where he attends Madison High School. Hey, I’m not against naming schools after James Madison, but “Milwaukee Madison” is a very confusing name.